Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump-Xi: Taiwan not even mentioned

The road to Duona.

Taiwan News has it:
As expected by some observers, nothing spectacular really happened during the Trump-Xi summit at Mar-a-Lago, and the meeting gave the Taiwan government some comfort as the island country was reportedly never mentioned during and after the talks, nor was a rumored “fourth communiqué” signed between the two leaders that would hurt the US-Taiwan relationship.
In fact, there is so much nothing here that there is nothing to say about it.

When you think about all the raging that went on beforehand...
He and Kushner will therefore sell off core national interests and investments at cut-rate prices.'s easy to see that many people lost the struggle to separate their hatred of Trump from their analysis of his actions.
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Anonymous said...

Why the "sigh" about "The Teenage Psychic"? Is it the title you don't approve or is it something else?

an angry taiwanese said...

It's not good that Taiwan was not mentioned at all during the Trump-Xi meeting. I guess it was because a secret deal about Taiwan had been made prior the meeting.

Maybe, Trump had agreed that US will not sell any advanced weapons to Taiwan.

Same thing happened when in the first year of his presidency, Ronald Reagan betrayed Taiwan by the agreement, 'no weapons sale for Taiwan', with Communist China.