Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Like I said... no change in US Taiwan policy

Taitung City

From the State Dept briefing today...
SENIOR WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: I said the principle of reciprocity, which means that we want to work with the Chinese in a constructive manner to reduce the systemic trade and investment barriers that they've created that lead to an uneven playing field for U.S. companies. We want the playing field to be level so that bilateral trade and investment can be mutually beneficial.

QUESTION: (inaudible) President Xi reportedly wants to hear President Trump officially recognize Taiwan as a part of China. What will his message be on that, and on the South China Sea (inaudible)?

SENIOR WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: Well, the president has reaffirmed our adherence to the one-China policy, that is our one-China policy that's based on the three joint communiques with China, as well as the Taiwan Relations Act. That is longstanding policy of the United States. That is a policy that the president has reaffirmed.

So I -- I don't anticipate some kind of surprising deviation from that.

QUESTION: And what will his message be on the South China Sea as it relates to (inaudible)?

SENIOR WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: The president -- I do expect that maritime issues will come up. The United States certainly will continue to fly and sail where international law allows. And I -- I would not be surprised if that came up in conversation. I noted in the post below this one, don't expect big changes to come out of the Farrago in Mar-a-Lago

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