Sunday, April 23, 2017

Latest Taiwan News

My latest for Taiwan News... Pension Reform = Democratic Reform:
aiwan President Tsai Ing-wen faces a trio of challenges perhaps no other world leader faces. Just finishing her first year, she must handle the normal challenges any president has, responding to domestic issues and advancing her party’s platform. Yet she must also manage the unique threat of China, brooding over how to annex Taiwan and snuff out Taiwan’s democracy. Finally, Tsai must preside over the de-colonization of Taiwan society from decades of Kuomintang (KMT) colonization.
Pension reforms are urgent because of the KMT's lavish pensions, in which many former state employees receive 80-100% of their highest salary. The pension funds are all going bankrupt. Reform thus addresses the dual need of domestic progress and democratization progress.

Taiwan News has a new President. His thinking is online in Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ reform is the only way Taiwan’s reforms can survive and prevail.

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