Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thank you, KMT, for letting Hung have unscripted Press Conferences

Hung and the cheerleaders, with English subtitles. The blurb by Solidarity has it perfect:
KMT presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱) today held a press conference to highlight the plight of 3 young women, Chloe (董梓甯), Chen Yi (陳伊), and Fan (小帆), former Lamigo Monkeys cheerleaders who were fired by the team soon after netizens pointed out they'd appeared in a young-people-for-Hung calendar. According to a team press release (, the three had repeatedly violated team rules by appearing in baseball-related outside promotions (under the name "Pro Baseball Goddess Group" 職棒女神團體) without first informing the club. However, in Hung's mind this situation was a perfect setup to make what's been the core argument of her campaign: That she and her supporters (such as these 3 women) are being oppressed and bullied by unscrupulous populists. But things took a memorable turn when the MC asked the women if they would continue to appear at Hung's events...they just appeared in her ads for the money didn't they?
Even more amazingly, her campaign team agreed to do an obviously unscripted press conference. The ideological bubble here is double: not only Hung trying to get people to support her claim that evil populists abuse her righteous cause, but apparently everyone on her campaign team shared that ideological judgment, because nobody appears to have done the sane thing and made sure it would work. Controlling the presentation is basic to campaigning, no? LMAO.
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Grant said...

I feel sorry for those poor girls who were dragged down there to that press conference and having to hear an ideological deep blue like Hung sprout nonsense.

bo dee said...

I've been avidly following your coverage of Sister Hung, but that's the first time I've seen her in action, translated into English. It didn't disappoint. Cringefest. Almost Jihadi-esque. Poor, hijacked cheerleaders. They performed well in the face of her repeated prophetic prompts. They must replace her. I hope to fudge not.

bo dee said...

That was amazing.
I've been avidly following your excellent Sister Hung coverage, but that's the first time I've ever seen her in action,with English translation, and boy she didn't disappoint.

Cringefest. Didn't she get the script? Hung dong suan!!!

Alcibiades said...

The last 5 secs hurt so good.