Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mosquito problem in Japanese era, in one photo

It was that bad before the Japanese cleaned up things. And now we have like 7000 cases of Dengue in Tainan. That's the first wave of the new return of these diseases as humans boil the earth to death...
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Anonymous said...

Paul said...

The one case of dengue fever in Yilan county was on my street: an elderly woman picked it up in Kaoshiung. The local government decided to forego measuring the mosquito density and enforcing an edict to empty breeding grounds and instead elected to go full-bore with a program of spraying *INSIDE* peoples' homes for a radius far beyond the prescribed maximum of 50m.
As the insecticides are deemed safe for humans, canines, bovids, porcines, equines and so on yet deadly to felines, my wife and I chose to resist the unlawful order and deny work crews (poorly-equipped to be handling such poisons, of course) entry.
We are awaiting notification of the NT$60,000-NT$300,000 fine they tried to scare us with.
I realize CDC Director-General is KMT and both Tainan and Kaohsiung are DPP, but when the man says spraying is "futile" and "for show" you've gotta wonder what the hell local pols are thinking when an American is living in their midst. We're an unruly bunch, and not steeped in the history of martial law our neighbors are.
Note to local pols: a Yankee's ire is best left sleeping.