Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hung Takes a Breather

A spider with breakfast. This was shot with my Sony DSC RX-100 Mk II.

Late last night the news flew around the intertubes... The KMT news organ has the interesting news that Hung Hsiu-chu, KMT candidate extraordinaire, is "temporarily suspending" her campaign for second place President.
Hung stated on her Facebook page, “To my dear friends: Thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me over the past months. You have given me strength and made me fearless. This election is about how to find the correct path for Taiwan, and many serious issues must be tackled concerning the country’s destiny. Therefore, I have decided to temporarily suspend my hectic daily campaign activities in order to think about the future steps to take in the campaign. In doing so, I shall fearlessly move forward to accept responsibility to lead the country and not let down people’s expectations in me. I will issue a full report to everyone after a short break. Thank you all and good night!”

Wang Hong-wei (王鴻薇), spokeswoman of the Hung campaign office, stressed in a press conference this morning that “Hung will absolutely run in the race to the end.” As Hung is in good health, she would resume her campaign schedule next week, added Wang.

Asked whether Hung would run her campaign as a “Presidential candidate,” Wang replied, “There is no doubt about it,” adding that Hung’s determination would not be shaken, and all rumors about Hung’s withdrawal from the race were groundless.
The KMT hastened to assure us that Hung is still the candidate. Some of the local papers linked the break to the re-appearance of Ma advisor and hatchet man King Pu-tsun, the Piter de Vries of House Ma.

However, in my opinion, it is more likely that she's simply exhausted. She's 67 years old and has not led a life rich in physical activity, like Ma has. National campaigns are physically and mentally draining, and she has no experience of them. I hope she gets a good rest and comes back as her old self again, bursting with the desire to ideologically cleanse us. Meanwhile, WantChinaTimes parrots a certain sketch: Hung Hsiu-chu campaign not dead, just resting.

Oh yeah, wanted to add -- kudos to the DPP, because you know what we're not hearing any news about? That's right, the DPP.

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A more accurate headline: "Hung takes a breather; Campaign on respirator"

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