Sunday, November 09, 2014

Blast from the Past: Taroko 1914

The Puli Image collection on Facebook sent around this picture taken in July of 1914 by Japanese troops operating in Taroko. Explanation below:

大正3年(1914)7月,太魯閣討伐軍隊萩野守備隊所屬的第九中隊,進佔太魯閣族ムクシイバワ社(摩古伊波社,約今花蓮縣銅門附近),與該社的首棚珍貴合影。 「首棚架」是太魯閣部落族人依據gaya「出草」後,置放敵首之處,一般置放於部落之前方不遠處,除警告進入部落範圍外,同時寄予被馘首之靈保護部落之意。
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an angry taiwanese said...

come to think of it, 1914 was only a hundred years ago. Many heads were still cut off in a large scale in tribal wars in Formosa. The island then was not so beautiful. Have the blood-thirsty tribalism and fear and flattering for evil powers lessened in Taiwan?

hondafactorypaintsucks said...

Xie xie.

DesertFox said...

It's interesting to see in 1914, Japanese were still writing from right to left. I have not seen this before.

Jerome M. Besson said...


20141109 蕭習會:只有蕭習,沒有消息 :

Seeking recognition from the Empire's center. The built-in slavish reflex of the self-acknowledged CHINAMEN -- actually "half-cooked" savages -- of savage Formosa. Proud, savage Formosa is history. Nowadays, a wholly Sinic Taiwan is seeking recognition form "zuguo".

You do not agree? Then prove me wrong. Here is my hint: 380289782126100. Those ancestral shelves need a refresh. Badly!!