Friday, November 21, 2014

Then and Now

Paul Barclay, who runs the East Asia Image Collection at Lafayette College is traveling in Taiwan at the moment. If you get the chance, go listen to him talk, he's wonderful. A friend traveling with him in central Taiwan posted this Japanese era pic captioned A Bamboo Bridge in Savage District  (original link). This picture was taken facing more or less east along the river.

Just for fun, I dug up a modern image I took of it on a ride several years ago. It is now the location of the Jiji Weir (my pic faces north). The old Japanese era road follows what is now the 152 on the north bank of the river, parallel to but above the 16, along the train to Jiji and Shuili, I believe. Corrections welcome.

Jonathan Burke, a friend on Facebook, posted this pic. He wrote:
Eighty years of history in two photos; the first was taken in 1935, the second was taken in 2014. The photos show a house belonging to the Paiwan people (one of Taiwan's indigenous tribes); the shot was taken in the era of Japanese occupation and the house was preserved as a historical site. After decades of neglect it has been renovated. Both photos feature the same person; first as a boy in 1935, then as a 92 year old man in the second photo.
Way cool.
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