Monday, November 24, 2014

vlogger Mordeth13 has crippling accident, Needs Your Help

The well known vlogger Mordeth13 has suffered a crippling accident..


Hey guys, M13 here.

I won't be uploading videos for a while. The March tour is most likely cancelled. So if you're booked for the March tour check with me or wait for an email confirming that it will be pushed to the next tour. I actually have someone younger cooller and better looking than me to take over my tours. So they are still happening.YouTube Search : M13 Taiwan Tours....  Click read more

I'm known for being a bit of a jerk. But I've always liked to think that I have a good heart. I help with animals and Sean McCormack when I can. I donate to other Facebook users. I donate to other motorcycle vloggers. I donate to other motorcycle riders when I hear they crash and don't have insurance and need help. YouTube Search : M13 charity

I've always believed in giving something back. Even when I was talking with subscribers on Steam and gaming with them I remember one incident where a boy mentioned that it was his mother's birthday and he didn't have any money to buy her a present so I quickly sent him some money for his mother's present. He told her where the money came from even though I told him not to.

Anyway enough of me trying to prove that I'm not an ass. Because no one believes that. But I'm an ass with a good heart. Or "the nicest asshole you'll meet." as one of my guests said.
YouTube Search : M13 cries asshole

Well it's my turn to ask for charity. I had a bad crash on Monday November 14th. A very bad crash. I was leading a tour and due to the very safe and slow pace that we do I was looking around a lot and I took my eyes off the road for too long. I cut across the oncoming lane and hit a short partition wall. My scooter and dog both smartly bounced off the wall and slid to a stop...both relatively unhurt. While I, being not as smart...flew over the wall and out into the air, it was great like superman! And then I plummeted about 35 feet to the loving embrace of the waiting pavement of a lower road.

I've broken both my upper legs. And lost half of my left hand. My every hour of every day is horrifying. I pooped today...was beyond really it was...imagine trying to poop with two broken legs...laying flat out on a bed and then trying to clean it with only one hand.

My son JD just lost his entire financial security. I just lost my life savings and all my plans for the future. In the first few days at the hospital I got very happy on the inside when I saw the windows didn't have bars on them. And then almost cried when someone opened one and I saw that they only open an inch. That was my state of mind. YouTube Search : M13 parenting baby JD

I'm doing better now. My wife is being incredibly helpful and supportive. But I don't know how long she can keep it up...

Taiwan medical covers the majority of it, but I'm still looking at large sums of money over the next few months. Plus thousands in lost income and I was barely breaking even to begin the with.

It will be 4-6 months before I can walk again, my beautiful baby boy has lost his daddy. Update: 6-9 months... right leg is worse than they thought.

If all of my 150,000 subscribers gave a dollar I'd probably make it through this. If they all gave 10 then my family would be stronger from this than before.

But either way I can't do this without your help. I really really can't. My life is in your hands.

If there are any charities that could help...that would be great.

Money is needed for medical bills, lost income, care giving, wheelchairs, home improvements (wheelchair ramps...etc) and other things I'm forgetting.

I don't know how these charity websites work and it's taken me 5 days just to write this. So for now I'm just going to list my PayPal account : .

Othr ways to help...spread the word. If your someone with influence do a charity drive. If you're an artist I'll be asking for help with that type of stuff.

But whoever you are please spare something now to bring some hope to the most horrific time in my life.

PayPal account : (yes, extra e )

You can check that that is my correct PayPal by checking .

All the people on my current tour can confirm all this as well as all my friends.
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