Thursday, October 10, 2013

Double Ten Day: Ma's speech =UPDATED=

UPDATED: Jon Sullivan has a great analysis of this speech

Quote from the snoozefest of speakery today:
"My fellow citizens: The people of both sides of the Taiwan Strait are all Chinese by ethnicity. Cross-strait relations are not international relations."
This is the same language that Ma used in his 2008 inaugural address where he not only brought out the ethnic links but also said sovereignty was not important in cross-strait issues. As I noted:
...the English text says "our common Chinese heritage" but the Chinese is explicit -- the people on the two sides of the Strait both belong to the Chinese race" (兩岸人民同屬中華民族).The second translation issue is even more interesting. Entirely dropped from the English text is the very next sentence, which says 中華民族智慧之高 which translates "the great intelligence/wisdom" of the Chinese race." 
It seems impossible to me that there could be anyone following events here who sees Ma as other than the ideologue he truly is, but humanity's capacity for self-delusion does seem rather infinite.

Far more interesting than Ma's ideological fantasies is his review of the New Economic Order:
In addition, the free economic pilot zones (FEPZs) have already entered the launch phase. The Executive Yuan has relaxed 12 regulations to dramatically streamline customs procedures applying to pilot zone firms when they outsource processing operations, so that new operating models based on smart logistics can be gradually established in these zones. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone officially opened recently, giving us yet another competitor. Therefore, we must step up efforts to open up our market. The Executive Yuan is actively deliberating on whether to allow other industrial activities in the FEPZs, such as the financial sector’s wealth and asset management services. This is the right direction. We should expand the scope of liberalization for both domestic and international financial and economic activities. This will help Taiwan to advance more quickly toward the goal of becoming a “free economic island.” We hope these liberalization measures, along with other industrial development plans, will generate at least NT$300 billion worth of private-sector investment and create more than 45,000 jobs in the next two years.
The bolded sentence is worth considering. Ma is essentially arguing that the financial industry come under the same rules and regs regarding taxation and labor as manufacturing firms in these 1960s style labor intensive industrial zones. As I have noted innumerable times, Ma was put into office with the backing of the financial industry (anyone noticed the housing bubble? Verily, the purpose of housing bubbles is to skim off middle class wealth) and I'm feeling a payback moment here in the President's assertion that such firms should have special exemptions from regulations....
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Hans said...

Ma's racial ideology disgusts me. Ma being Ma it's not shocking, yet still distressing, that he openly talked about Chinese ethnicity as the basis of a nation, on the National Day.

For whatever reason there haven't been enough raving from the media to give Ma the criticism he deserves.

I cannot believe this is the president that represents the open and acceptance attitude of the people here in Taiwan. At the same time it concerns me of what's the next move for Ma in the remaining years of his presidency. Very, concerned.

Anonymous said...

Ma is a racist. There are so many other ethnicity groups living on Taiwan and hold citizenship. Ma excludes them from having a say in the cross-strait issue that will definitely have impact on them.

Mike Fagan said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you see the news about special branch today? They just said it is an accident, and going to brush it off just like that. Is this truly a country that is ruled by law?

Anonymous said...


Ma's speech is in tune with the Han supremacy ideology in Taiwan. Yeah! I typed HAN SUPREMACY. Taiwanese are very racist by nature, just a little less open than Japan, of all the Asian nations I had been to. Just for arguments sake, I would rank Japan 1, Taiwan and South Korea 2, on the ladder of racist. They only reason Americans do not get much trouble is because they fear USA, they know they need USA to keep the big China away from Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Did Ma, the Harvard graduate penned his own speech? Why did he call Wang, the chair of the execute yuan as president? In English, especially American English, Wang should be called speaker.

Just what is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

Ma isn't a racist or "han supremacist"

Ma is just opportunist. he thought by using such speech, can rally supporters from both side of straits.

As per your posted, that Asian countries are "racist" per say. I can't back that up with my own experience. As I never sees that in Asian countries. to be honest I thought I though Asian are super nice to Caucasian. due to inferiority complex and western culture dominance.

Anonymous said...

How can the president of a country just stand up in front of his own country and say something that's just false and easily proven false with a google search.

I mean, if you're gonna be an ideologue at least be a little more clever about it. What a moron.