Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the Road with FTV: Wuling and Hehuanshan cycling

The other reason I haven't been blogging, aside from the massive workload, is another shoot with FTV, this time atop Wuling and Hehuanshan at the top of Taiwan. The image above was taken Tuesday morning, the weather was glorious, cool and clear. That's the ski lodge there atop Hehuanshan. Enjoy a few pictures by clicking on READ MORE below...

Morning fog over the reservoir below Wushe.

The B&B we stayed at. Too low down the mountain for my tastes. Gotta have altitude on day 1 so day 2 the adjustment to the height of Wuling is easier.

Fog blows up over Hehuanshan. This is what you see when you cross over Wuling.

Two of the cyclists with us on the shoot. At Wuling at noon, the mountain was wrapped in fog.

Michella interviews our guest, who happens to be the over-50 iron man champion of Taiwan and a superb athlete.

Here I am on top of Wuling again at 3275m. I hate this mountain. Luckily I didn't have to cycle it. Went over it in a car four times in two days for shoots in various locations. Now that's the right way to do Wuling.

On day 1 we got out the door too late and by noon Wuling had, as so often, completely fogged over. My current blog header has Wuling on Tuesday morning. Glorious.

Girl on road bike climbing Wuling? Love at first sight for me.

Staggering mountain views on Tuesday. Yet, I still think the 159A between Shihjhuo and Chiayi is more beautiful, with its canyon walls, variegated landscapes, and quirky, twisty road.

Audrey Hepburn and David Lean, 1961.
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