Saturday, October 05, 2013

KMT no appeal in Wang case

KMT announces it will not appeal in Wang case (UDN). A friend with much legal experience here observes:
....the High Court did not dismiss the KMT's appeal. It heard the appeal and issued a decision upholding the District Court's injunction. Had it dismissed, there would have been no hearing or written judgment. Looks like the KMT has wisely decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court. That means hearings in Wang lawsuit will begin in a month or so. The case will take at least a couple years to wind through the courts, so it look like Wang will survive to complete his term.
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Anonymous said...

What? It has been days since Ma dropped his attack on Wang, effectively admitted defeat in this War of Penis 陰莖之戰(英金之戰)。

No one laughs at Ma? Still no comment laughing, mocking Ma?

For Ma to make such a big display of it, citing he must uphold justice, and must not bury the case(吃案)。Riding on the high horse of morality, social responsibility, and the president's burden to uphold the law, to charge on Wang, and mobilized the media to support him, had those columnists and talk show figures to say that Wang was at the end of his wits, and in the process having his lieutenants exposed, the entire ROC know that he taps the entire legislature, his support point dropped to about 9%, and lost. He not only lost face, but also lost quite a number of important pieces. Now he had no choice but to call off his plan to remove Wang from office and legislature, what can Ma do to recover this heavy loss?

Anonymous said...

The link in your post, UDN, actually links to CNA, an KMT organ.

Anonymous said...


You are over analyzing it. Ma simple brushes this incident away, and business as usual. however I believe right now,his main objective is to keep Special Investigation Unit alive. As He and core of KMT needs to access to that resource for next election.

Unknown said...

I saw this columnist from Hong Kong, 馬家輝 Ma Jia Hui, he describes Wang as the man of Blakc Gold(黑金), i.e. Wang has a lot of connection with powerful underworld figures. How come in Taiwan, no tv commentators, columnists talk about this side of Wang?

Anonymous said...

Taro Bu.

Well, I believed all Taiwanese knew Mr Wang already. since you mentioned here. My parent knew that about Wang, and yet Why does KMT keeps putting him on the ballot to represents KMT?

back to the topic of Ma and Wang, Black Gold isn't the issue here. the main issue was that Special Investigation Unit reported to Ma on 28th ( i not sure exact dates) and Ma announced before SIU closed the case. so this case was trial by Ma. Ma acted as prosecutor and judge and then he gave the sentence to Wang.

and then SIU got caught illegally wire tapping... so..