Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Burma in Taipei

Double Ten. Holiday, but I spent it working in the morning and evening. But in the afternoon my student Liting, who is from Burma, took me down to the Nanshijiao metro to visit Little Burma on Huaxin Street... sadly, it was spur of the moment, so I didn't have a decent camera with me. So forgive me for the cellphone shots.

Take Exit 4 from the Nanshijiao Metro.

Our first stop was a little eatery where we had this Burmese tea leaf salad, which Liting told me was a staple. Delicious. Peanuts, tea leaves, garlic, tomatoes, lettuce...

The area is also filled with shops selling a huge variety of spices and as this one does, Indian food.

This popular eatery serves up a buffet that Liting says is the street's best.

Go on a busy day, so you can get the full effect of everyone sitting around in the outdoor cafes, sipping tea, eating desserts, and chatting up a storm.

This guy made real SE Asian style tea, thick with evaporated milk and sugar.

Liting took me to this excellent dessert place, where we drank the tea above and snacked on coconut, sticky rice, and tapioca desserts.

Mangosteen drink. w00t!

Really an excellent way to escape from Taiwan for a few hours, yet never leave the island.
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Anonymous said...

Cool. Got fond memories of that street.

I used to teach at a school not so far from there. Stumbled across the place while scouting for lunch and became a regular.

I visited Burma for real a few months back, and I'd say the food in Taipei's little Burma is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

ohhh! serve as concubineS! man

Images By Kenny said...

I love that street despite getting food poisoning almost every time I eat there (which didn't happen with the food I ate in Burma itself).

I suggest going back there during Songkran. It's great fun.