Monday, June 03, 2013

Taidong Development in a picture

Taidong Protest shared this on Facebook. It shows how in one small area of Taitung several hotel projects are going in that will wreck one of nicest areas on the east coast. In the center right, the small circle shows the bitterly opposed Miramar Hotel, just plopped on a lovely beach via a process that gives every appearance of involving developer-local government collusion. For non-Chinese readers, in each description, the number in the center is the size of the development in hectares, while the bottom number gives the number of hotel rooms. Visit the east coast now because in even five years it will be changed.
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Prince Roy said...

Such a favorite part of Taiwan soon to be forever changed...

Mike Fagan said...

I wonder if anyone could summarize say, the top five environmental problems these developments are expected to cause... not that I can't imagine one or two myself, but it seems to me that a bunch of different issues are all mixed up together here including Aboriginal claims to land as in the case of the "mayleewan" hotel.