Monday, June 10, 2013

Daily Links, Monday, June 10th

As a day of riding in Miaoli came to a close, we found ourselves above Liyutan Reservoir with the sun falling into the west. Yesterday was gorgeous.

Enjoy some links for a rainy monday...

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Anonymous said...

" If only my HTC cellphone didn't have a crapload of apps I don't want but can't uninstall, I could probably install Line."


Red A

(now using his hand me down i/phone 4 from his Mom...not sure if I like yet, but optimistic.)

Michael Turton said...

I have a hand-me-down HTC Desire. Next year I am switching to another Android phone. Android seems ok, but without rooting the phone there is no way to get rid of these apps. Sucks

Anonymous said...

That CIA intel doc isn't really news, but it confirms what George Kerr noted almost 50 years ago about the fact that he had been approached in late 1949 by the State Dept to "name local leaders who might be 'cultivated in the American interest.'" Since the last time local leaders had asked the US for help they ended up either dead or in exile, Kerr was not eager to give the US names of anyone left in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Philippine Daily Inquirer: NBI: Philippine coast guards liable

(1) PCG's story of fishing boat trying to ram is DISPROVED.


No attempt to ram

But the Coast Guard’s claim that the fishing boat Guan Ta Hsin 28 tried to ram the coastal patrol vessel MCS-3001 was disproved, the source said.


(2)NBI recommends criminal charges

The National Bureau of Investigation has recommended the filing of criminal charges against the Filipino coast guards involved in the shooting death of a Taiwanese fisherman in northern Philippine waters last month, the Inquirer learned on Tuesday.

A source, who has knowledge of the investigation of the incident but asked not to be identified because he has no authority to speak on the matter, declined to say whether murder or homicide charges had been recommended.

But the source said there was a debate on whether to bring murder charges against the coast guards, as “superior strength” was used “against an unarmed civilian,” or homicide, as the shooting death of fisherman Hung Shih-chen was “not premeditated.”