Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Linkfest

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Too busy to blog today, so let's catch up on some links:
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Anonymous said...

I don't think that's a very fair assessment of CGC's statement.

He said he personally prefers One Country Two Systems for Taiwan, but ultimately the people of Taiwan decide. And that's fair; what's ultimately important is that Taiwan's electorate chooses its status democratically, not what status they choose. He in no way said the Taiwanese *HAD* to choose that path or should have it forced on them.

I'm as pro-TI as most Taiwan buffs are, but to advocate for democracy and self-determination for Taiwan "but only if they do what I want" is rather hypocritical.

Michael Turton said...

must have missed that part.

yankdownunder said...

Chen stressed that he supported "one country, two systems" more than independence for Taiwan.

I am sure he also supports China's killings,genocide in Tibet and Uygur.

His case is another example of
"What is wrong with the US Left on Taiwan and China?"
(and universities like NYU)

He only cares about himself.

les said...

Two years for misappropriating NT$4,000 eh. Meanwhile, Chang An Le, after spending 17 years on the lam, is in custody for a mere two hours and then released on bail of a paltry NT$1m.

John Scott said...

The reporting is rather vague, but one interpretation is that "all Chinese (incl. in HK, China, and Taiwan?) should vote to determine the status of Taiwan".

wasabi said...

Chen is showing his Han chauvinism. The guy has experienced communism to his own detriment yet he still believes in "one country, two systems" for Taiwan? Is this really the guy you want as the spokesperson for democracy?

les said...

At least now it's clear why Matong granted him a visa. I was confused at first as why he could visit when other famous dissidents like the Dalai Lama, Rebiya Kadeer etc. were denied, but in the end he's backing KMT's position.