Friday, June 28, 2013

Some gossip on the TPP

Gossip drifting over to me ears from inside the Beltway: apparently Taipei is signaling Washington privately that despite what it is publicly saying, the Ma Administration does not want to become part of the TPP. One wonders what private protocols have been negotiated between Beijing and Taipei over closer links to Washington. We already know the Administration doesn't want the F-16s despite the noises it makes publicly.

Anyway, believe or don't, as you please. Just passing along some stuff whispered in my ear......

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Lorenzo said...

That gossip sounds quite credible because it is consistent with the direction which Ma has been pushing and pulling Taiwan to. There is solid evidence. Ma administration has blocked all private equity from the West to enter Taiwan in the past years.

When all things Ma does are put together in their conceptual guideline, it becomes very clear. The intellectuals in Ma's innder circle urged Ma to make the unification process irreversible. Do they really believe that they can completely block 'input' of the US. It's not an easy task to make China-Taiwan a closed system expelling all external energies. Amazingly Ma and his inner circle believe they can and will.

1stCMalaysia said...

You are not kidding! Ma would the governor then?