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AmCham Taichung 2013 America Day, Sunday, June 30th

It's Sunday, June 30th, 2013. If you want to have a stall or visit, for details click on READ MORE below
Dear Business Owner,

Once again, I am excited to inform you and your business about the opportunity to be a part of the Taichung American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) 2013 America Day Celebration, taking place on Sunday, June 30, 2013. We are extremely excited to announce that for the second year in a row this event is being held on one of Taichung’s best-known public venues—the high-visibility, high-traffic outdoor Calligraphy Greenway. This beautiful, recently-renovated landmark greenbelt, also the site for the annual Taichung Jazz Festival, sits in the heart of the Taichung Port Road commercial district and stretches between Taichung Port and GongYi roads, making it a leading destination for residents and tourists alike.
再一次的,我們很興奮的將提供您的公司/企業一個絕佳的行銷契機。2013年台中美國商會美國獨立紀念日慶祝活動, 今年的活動時間將於6月30號 (星期日), 這項活動是中台灣地區最出名的國際活動。並且活動地點將於台中市區最具特色的草悟道商圈(原經國大道)綠意盎然的戶外廣場舉辦 延續往年熱烈響應,今年我們同樣在此舉辦, 這是每年爵士音樂節的指定地點,這個美麗的綠園道正好坐落的位置於台中市中港商圈的心臟地帶,與公益路相交的鬧區位置。也是在地居民與遊客最佳去處

You are invited to participate as a food/drinks booth vendor at the Celebration, which will take place from 12 noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 30 at this exciting, new location, which sees plenty of pedestrian and vehicular traffic related to nearby commercial and recreational destinations, including Park Lane by CMP shopping mall (Eslite Bookstore), Civic Square, Hotel National, Gongyi Road and the National Museum of Natural Science.
台中美國商會正式邀請您以攤位商家身份參加本市今年度舉辦的台中美國商會美國獨立紀念日慶祝活動。此活動將從中午 12點正式開始,一直到晚上9點半結束。舉辦的日期為6月30日(星期日), 地點位於全新啓動的草悟道戶外場鄰近台中科學博物館,勤美誠品及全國飯店商圈。

In addition to approximately 30-40 food/drink vendor booths selling items from Taichung’s leading restaurants, hotels and pubs, other highlights of this year’s event will include an exciting, all-day line-up of live music of various styles, provided by some of Taichung’s most popular foreign bands and artists. As usual, there will also be a variety of family-style and children’s events, games and other attractions, designed to attract families in particular and keep them at the venue throughout the event with a variety of fun.

此活動將預備近30-40不同類別的餐飲販售攤位給台中市內各優質餐廳、飯店及酒吧提供的多元美食和美酒外。再現場也有live music各種不同風格的音樂輪班上陣演出。一如往常,我們將預備各式各樣吸引兒童的家庭遊戲及活動。藉此希望到場民眾都能充分享受參加活動的樂趣。

Your participation as a food/drink vendor is a very large part of this event’s success as a showcase for Taichung’s international dining/nightlife/shopping scene. The America Day Celebration will also offer you an ideal opportunity and environment for marketing your business to a broad variety of Taiwanese and foreign customers. You are welcome to sell any food or drink items except beer, which will be exclusively sold by the Celebration’s Official Beer Sponsor. The sale of all other non-beer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is permitted.

This year’s celebration is expected to draw an estimated 5,000-7,000 particiants and will be promoted widely across Taichung and Taiwan via a pre-event media press conference, promotional posters and cards, advertising in Compass magazine, radio interviews, Facebook, and on-site promotional banners.

There are three booth rental options for participating vendors: 1) NT$3,000 per booth for current Taichung AmCham members; 2) NT$4,000 per booth for non-members; 3) NT$5,000 for a special package that includes a booth and a 2013 Taichung AmCham Individual Membership (good for the remainder of 2013). If you are interested in participating this year’s Celebration, please fill out the attached Vendor Application Form, sign the attached Terms & Conditions Agreement, and fax both to Taichung AmCham. Booth payment must be made prior to the event and vendors will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to space limitations. Taichung AmCham will make final decisions regarding booth location assignments.
參與今年活動的攤位商家們有三種租賃方案的選擇:1) 由台中美國商會會員所設立的攤位,每攤位的租金是3,000元2)非台中美國商會會員一個攤位費用為4,000元 3) 若想加入成為2013 年台中美國商會會員(欲收到2013活動資訊),並想在活動現場租一攤位,其價格為5,000元。這些費用必須在活動開始前付清。因為有場地空間限制的因素,所有攤位也將是以誰先報名就有資格爭取攤位位置的原則來進行。台中美國商會將會決定商家們現場的攤位位置。

Each 3x3-meter covered booth will include: 1 long wooden table, 2 stools, a 110-volt power outlet, a single overhead light. There will be an extra NT$600 charge for vendors requiring 220-volt power (which must be noted on the Vendor Application). Vendors are welcome to cook on the site as long as no damage is caused to the park grounds and tent, and cooking activities do not interfere with neighboring vendors. Please read the Terms and Conditions Agreement for other details.
每個攤位的尺寸是3 x 3公尺:包括一個長型的木桌,三張椅子、一個110伏特的插座,以及一個吊燈。若想在攤位使用220伏特的電力 (您在攤位申請表格中需特別聲明),那麼您需要額外支付費用$600元。主辦單位歡迎攤販商家們在活動現場烹煮食物,但前提是,您必須遵守不破壞公園場地及攤位帳棚,或影響到其他攤位。其他的活動相關細節和注意事項將會在活動開始前提供給所有參加今年美國獨立紀念日慶祝活動的商家們。

Please feel free to contact AmCham administrative coordinator River Chen at 0955-038-733 or (04) 2471-8133, or me (0936-827-267) if you have any questions. I sincerely hope that you and your business will choose to take part in this wonderful annual international celebration!
若有任何疑問歡迎您聯繫台中美國商會的陳小姐(0955-038-733/(04) 2471-8133),或台中美國商會理事何道明先生(0936-827-267)。



Douglas Habecker
America Day Committee Chairman
Taichung AmCham

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