Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tokyo film Festival: Blustering Beijingers Bullying BS

Beijing's blusterers strike again:
Shortly before celebrities began to walk a green carpet to mark the start of the festival, the head of the Chinese delegation, Jiang Ping, told organizers that the Taiwanese delegation must not attend under the name "Taiwan" but should use the designation of "Taiwan, China" or "Chinese Taipei" -- the title Taiwan uses when participating in the Olympic Games.

Jiang said that if his demand was not met, the Chinese delegation would boycott the green carpet walk and other festival-related events.

The Taiwanese delegation, headed by Chen Chih-kuan, director of the Government Information Office's Department of Motion Pictures Affairs, however, refused to accede to the Chinese demand.

Chen said the delegation applied to attend this year's event under the name of Taiwan as it has in past years. "We have no reason to make a concession this time around," he added.

"We will respect the arrangements made by the organizers under the prerequisite that our national dignity is not undermined, " Chen said.

With both sides sticking to their guns, the green carpet walk finished without them
Thank you, GIO, for the right response. If only the festival organizers had shrugged and told Beijing: your loss.

Video here: as Andrew R says in the comments, it will make your blood boil. This should be an advert for the DPP.
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MJ Klein said...

somebody needs their diaper changed.

Hans said...

I would like to give my props to the GIO this time, but shouldn't this the right thing to do anyway?

Well, I guess under Ma administration, the act was not only rare but also risky, career wise. Hope Chen won't be sacked for whatever unknown reason in the future.

Andrew Rathmann said...

Here is video. It's enough to make your blood boil.

Dixteel said...'s kind of funny how most international organization succumb to Chinese boycott ALL THE TIME!!! It's not like China's appearance really matter that much in every field. For example, do people really give a f**k if China does not show up in Olympics? In fact, hypothetically if Olympic threatens to bar China from participating until China releases Liu, Liu would probably be released already.

SY said...

Now, don't forget that "the Chinese people's feeling has been hurt" yet again this time around.

See this report on youtube, start at 1:23, listen and refer to the subtitle (Chinese).

D said...

Ugghh.... PRC triumphalism 101.

Dixteel said...

Hahaha...Nicely point out, SY. It's actually quite funny the way the guy said it. He looks all concerned lol....

Anonymous said...

Yo man, I saw video of that bullshit. The Chinese are having FUN being provocative. A total attitude of I'm going to just act like I'm insane and make ridiculous demands and act like it's purposely normal and piss that crap out of the Taiwan delegation.

Ironically, while he really did get the psychological upper hand that night, the reaction in Taiwan is incredibly anti-China. I only wish that the Taiwan delegation simply attended without paying any attention to the China one.