Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Classics

The signs of an approaching election are all around us. Like this, clearly the best bear, bear being a play on the candidate's last name.

A candidate looms from the darkness.

A candidate towers over Fengyuan.

Jason Hu watches over a religious procession.

A candidate's flag.

A new angle on a giant sign.

"Handing down authentic culture, creating a beautiful life." Note that he is pictured in a religious procession.

A two for one.

Signs near a picnic area under a major highway.

See no evil, hear no evil...

"The Senate and People of Rome...."

The signs weigh more than the building itself.

Ma Ying-jeou, off to the left there, appears on a number of signs in Taichung city.

"Who? Me?"

Su Chia-chuan appears on many signs with local candidates, as does his KMT opponent for Taichung mayor, Jason Hu.

Enter the Dragon.

Candidates smile over a local 7-11.

His and hers fist pump.

Su Chia-chuan's HQ in southern Taichung. He is playing basketball with his daughter.

His daughter again. I have actually test-ridden that very bike he is riding in the picture.

I've been lurkin' on the railroad.

A candidate reaches out to local drivers, saying "If I say it, I will do it."

This bicyclist says "You found me!"

At the tourist fishing port in Taichung; an excellent spot.

Campaign workers in Tanzi.

President Ma and lesser mortals on a sign in Taoyuan.

This candidate's sign suggests putting in a trolley car from Ta-ken Scenic Area up to Hsinshe. Sure.
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Anonymous said...

I'm reading all the candidate brochures dumped in my mailbox, and the only ideas they seem to have is pork, pork, and more pork. One guy running for legislator in Taipei County is proposing building a domed stadium, another tunnel, another freeway, and another expressway--all in the same overpopulated area.

Anonymous said...

A KMT candidate came over yesterday with another guy and dropped off some minor bribes along with an invitation to his campaign headquarters party. We were led to believe the big bribe$ will come the day before the election, so we should be at home in the afternoon on November 26.

MB said...

I was a fan of the "Younger and better!" approach on one ad. Have to find a picture of that . . .

Anonymous said...

Taiwan really has a problem with gay rallies--namely that the traditional signifiers of gayness have been co-opted by straight guys here. How do you tell them apart? Seeing guys here wearing pink tight t-shirts, teasing their hair, and carrying purses and small dogs is just par for the course.

I guess that's a good thing.