Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mingde Reservoir Ride

Just a few pics from my long ride out to Mingde Reservoir yesterday. 163 kms through the rolling hill country of Miaoli along 3, then out to the coast down 13 and 119, and back to the Chung along 1. This shot is actually the Liyutan Reservoir in Miaoli.

Setting up, she offered us a slice of delicious pear as we rested by the roadside on 3.

In Dahu Township, as lovely a bucolic setting for a bike ride as you'll find in Taiwan, the fields are being readied for planting with strawberries, the area's signature crop.

Trimming everything up nice.

One of the rivers feeding the reservoir. There is no development permitted in the basin: no traffic, buildings, or people. Just two lanes of as-new blacktop and water, trees, and hills.

The reservoir sits halfway between Taoyuan and Taichung. Lots of cyclists come down or up to circle it, meaning that there are plenty of interesting people on the road.

The advantage of a bike: arriving quietly enough not to scare the local wildlife.

Mingde is little known and appears to be a great place to hang out for a romantic weekend of easy riding and hiking in the unspoiled environs of the lake. The 15 kms along the lake are highly recommended.
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Anonymous said...

"Mingde is little known and appears to be a great place to hang out for a romantic weekend "

Aha! Who's the lucky gal?

Just jokin!

BTW, did you ride all the way from Tai Chung ?


Michael Turton said...

Yep, we rode from Taichung. 80 kms out to the reservoir. well worth it.