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EVENTS: American Footsteps in Taiwan -- America and Americans in Taiwan in the pre-1980 period.
The American Institute in Taiwan - Kaohsiung Branch in conjunction with the Sun Yat-sen University American Center will be continuing the "American Footsteps in Southern Taiwan" exhibition in Tainan (please see cut out and weblink to AIT-K).

This link is to the first exhibition held in Kaohsiung --

9/29/2010 - 11/30/2010 - American Footsteps in Southern Taiwan Exhibit In cooperation with the Tainan City Government Culture and Tourism Bureau and the America Center located at National Sun Yat-sen University, AIT Kaohisung Branch Office is pleased to present "American Footsteps in Southern Taiwan" exhibit at the Koxinga Museum located in Tainan from September 29 to November 30. The exhibit features stories of U.S. interaction with southern Taiwan in a key era from 1950-80. and type in "American Footsteps in Taiwan" in the search box. (UPDATED as of last week with a video clip)

AIT-Taipei will be holding the "American Footsteps in Taiwan" (which will encompasses all Taiwan) exhibition from 12/17/2010 to 1/24/2011 in Taipei at the National Library. More to follow. AIT will post the announcement on the AIT webpage.

In order to make this event the best it can, LTC Scott J. Ellinger humbly requests support from people who were once stationed in Taiwan to contribute to this exhibition. The military portion of the exhibition will make up about half of the displays. Please send old awards, photos, welcome booklets, anything that brings back the memories...
Please contact LTC Ellinger at

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