Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of you were wondering what peaks those are in my current header pic. Actually, I was wondering that too, so I decided to take a gander at Google Maps. My best guess is that they are the pair of peaks under the blue quadrangle above, south of Hwy 8 through the mountains. In my header pic the larger exposed area is on the left, where it would be if those were the two peaks in question. Don't see any way to get to them short of some tough climbing and hiking, though!
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Hans said...

Thanks for the link on Lu, Michael. I wrote a letter of appreciation to Mr. Wertheim for his recognition.
I look dearly for the day to put all this "Chinese Taipei" issue to history.

Anonymous said...

I seriously believe the Ma administration would like Chinese Taipei to be the official title of the SAR.

It is a shape that so many agencies feel they must follow UN protocol for addressing Taiwan without understanding why the UN does that and why it needn't apply to them.

Dixteel said...

The Foxconn saga continues. But it looks like they could be royally screwed, because they are unable to change the way they operate.

They are now like nomads chasing after low wage workers and operate with low profit margins.

Sooner or later, they might have to move again, because wages will rise. The interesting thing to see is how far away they can stretch their components suppliers and how far away they can move from their customers.

I hope Kuo will loss his seat as the richest guy in Taiwan in the next few years. Because if he stays there that means Taiwan's business community has no one better yet and it also means Taiwan's overall economies have not really improve beyond the traditional OEM.

gene said...

There is a trail which starts at HoHuan Shan Hostel going down to the southeast and up to the the Ridge line (about 4 miles) where the trail goes to the South or to the North East to ChiLai Shan another ( ¾ of a mile). At Chi Lai Shan the trail splits going North or East to the area (around 4 miles) you are referring to. The Western mountain is PanShih West Peak and the one to the East is PanShih Middle Peak. You need a Mountain Permit to hike the trail. A round trip from HoHuan Shan could be completed in two days if you are in shape and the weather cooperates. Most people only go to ChiLai Shan would will not find many people who have been to the PanShih Peaks there are 3 much less have even heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gene for the
location and names of Michael's Twin Peaks!

Are these members of the top 100 peaks?

Are there cabins for the night there or tents only?

Thanks again!

gene said...

There are two huts on the way to where the trail splits, and after that there are camping sites (tents and water nearby) on the way. Also 2 Helicopter marked rescue pads in that area. The Mountains are not in the top 100 but if you follow the trail past that area only 1.5 miles it leads to 磐石山 #91 when the trail almost disappears and is really rough going, not recommended. Join a Mountain climbing club and enjoy Taiwan.
Ou Gene

Anonymous said...

As Foxconn moves deeper into China, the cycle of increasing the standard of living where the factories move continues. Eventually, such labor rate arbritrage (sp?) will become harder and harder and we will see factories located based on things other than low wages. This is a thing of beauty, really.

Oh, if Taiwan wants to subsidize rich companies to move back to Taiwan, the more foolish they are.