Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Links, June 21, 2010

Caught these guys coming down Taroko Gorge the other day putting a concrete retaining wall over a landslide scar. Brave souls indeed.

China Reform Monitor notes:
Xinhua has signed an agreement with The Kenya Times granting the newspaper unlimited use of its pictures and stories and other materials. The cooperation will focus mainly on online content, popular among Kenyan youth, who make up 35 percent of the newspaper’s circulation. The partnership will also help strengthen ties between China and Kenya, said Andrew Sunkuli, Kenya Times Chief Executive. Xinhua boasts 4,000 photographers around the world, producing over 1,800 pictures daily. “I am sure Kenya Times would immensely benefit from their services,” said Wang Yao, Xinhua Deputy Editor-In-Chief, the Kenya Times reports.

[Editor’s Note: China has signed similar content agreements with news agencies throughout Africa. By providing content Xinhua seeks to extend the reach of CPC propaganda to new foreign audiences, many times without the reader’s knowledge of its true source.]
Well, at least we make great Hollywood movies! And we're making Afghanistan safe for Chinese investment! What's the non-Xinhua content out there on the blogs today?

SPECIAL: Friday Chen Shui-bian's detention got extended again. Because he's a flight risk....

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Anonymous said...

Wha? Taiwan/English dictionaries?

Anonymous said...

The Foxconn landgrab video is shocking. Are we living in the fucking Middle Ages??

(Oh, I forgot--we're living in CHINA!)