Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Links, June 28th, 2010

What's he thinking about? Probably how, now that the Taiwan delegation is arriving in Chongqing/Chungking to sign the ECFA tomorrow, the streets will be paved with gold by Wednesday. Certainly by Friday at the latest....

Meanwhile what's out there on the blogs today? Slow week.....

MEDIA: Undocument immigration from Fujian to Japan. Bloomberg on how ECFA is drawing Taiwan into China's embrace. India, frightened by China, shies away from Taiwan. More on the putative Taiwan-Philippines FTA. DPP says China Petroleum rigged tenders to allow China-owned firms to win. Former KMT Chairman Wu Po-Hsiung criticizes former President Lee's criticisms of ECFA. Thanks to economy and traditional beliefs, last year was a bad one for marriage in Taiwan. Asia Sentinel on the story that China will redeploy missiles facing Taiwan if the US stops selling Taiwan weapons. Defense News on same topic.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!

Hope you have an update on your spectacular Twin Peaks!

Itching to trek to those peaks someday.


Cristy Li said...

Good Post!