Monday, June 07, 2010

Multiple Organisms With the New Fuji HS10 Camera

Took the macro into the hills above the house today for some bug shots.

The two hour hike/climb highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages of this camera.

I shot this bee using the telefoto rather than the macro.

This was done with the macro. The level of detail is superb, but the camera has severe problems finding the object in the macro if the conditions aren't perfect.

After many tries I finally got a good shot of this beetle.

This one I took with the telefoto. Most of these shots, both macro and telefoto, I used the manual focus. There's a BEST FRAME function that does focus bracketing but I don't know how to use it yet. The manual focus is done with a ring and takes forever to focus. By the time you've switched the focus to manual and then twiddled the manual ring to bring the object into focus, it has flown off. Now imagine doing that for 30 seconds with arms at full extension and leaning over a cliff, trying to focus on a shake is a problem for the manual focus, makes it harder to focus.

This one I shot with telephoto.

The landscape setting produces excellent shots.

A macro shot.

The discarded exoskeleton of a cicada larva, I think.

What would life be without a big spider? This giant was nearly as big as my hand. Also, enjoy a few seconds of forest sounds on video.

Taichung city, up close.

This local farmer and I have been bumping into each for years on the trail. Today he took me around to see some of the big spiders that had built webs in his fruit trees.

Portrait setting.

Caterpillar. The light problem occurred because of an annoying problem -- virtually all the Fuji HS10's functions require two hands to access. Hence while I was punching buttons and working the slow focus ring -- should be automated for speed -- even a caterpillar can move off its best shot. On my Canon Powershot almost all the functions I can work with my right thumb alone.

Spider on a leaf. Impressive detail in this one and the shot below.

Never seen this orange kind before. When the light is good the macro is superb.

Telephoto, with manual focus. Fortunately he sat still here for quite a while.

He placidly munched away, giving me plenty of time to shoot him.

One thing about these bug hunts is that they are getting harder -- the quantity and variety of bug life on the hills seems to be in decline, at least according to my perceptions, and I do not know why.

The husk of a large caterpillar.

Grasshoppers always appear to be eying you....

Spider on macro. Another issue with the powerful macro is that when you get as close as it permits, it scares the bug off.

The trail up.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the title. You couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

What? No biking pics?

Anonymous said...

Multiple Organisms :D

dennis said...

great details of even the textures of the insects skin

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


SY said...

You managed to capture the innocent eyes of the beetle. It is literally "cute as a bug". This is the best shot. Wonderul work!