Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Uighurs Provoke Beijing

With old Kashgar is being demolished to make way for an "Anti-Terrorism City", and the continuing suppression of their culture and political power, it's not surprising that Uighurs are rioting provoking Beijing, those radicals. Surely Chen Shui-bian must be behind this latest rise in Cross-Desert tensions, which, everyone knows, Uighurs ratchet up whenever they have domestic political issues. Don't they realize they are interfering with big profits smooth relations between the US and China? Meanwhile AP via the Taipei Times reports:
Violent street battles killed at least 140 people and injured 828 others in the deadliest ethnic unrest to hit China’s western Xinjiang region in decades and officials said yesterday that the death toll was expected to rise.

Police sealed off streets in parts of the provincial capital, Urumqi, after discord between ethnic Muslim Uighurs and China’s Han majority erupted into riots. Witnesses reported a new protest yesterday in a second city, Kashgar.

Columns of paramilitary police in green camouflage uniforms and flak vests marched around Urumqi’s main bazaar — a largely Uighur neighborhood — carrying batons, long bamboo poles and slingshots yesterday. The mobile phone service was blocked and Internet links were also cut or slowed down.

Rioters on Sunday overturned barricades, attacked vehicles and houses, and clashed violently with police in Urumqi, media and witness accounts said. State TV aired footage showing protesters attacking and kicking people on the ground. Others, who appeared to be Han Chinese, sat dazed with blood pouring down their faces.
The news services like the term "ethnic unrest" -- the Uighur riots are "ethnic unrest" in the same sense that the Gallic Revolt or the Sepoy Mutiny or Little Big Horn are examples of "ethnic unrest." Say rather that the Uighurs are a colonized people and seethe at the injustices they must deal with every day.

People in Taiwan tend to think that "this can't happen to us." It can and it might when the Anschluss arrives. Remember the violence when Germany's China's envoy Chen Yunlin came to visit Prague Taipei, and how many were injured in that relatively minor event between locals? UPDATE: As a friend pointed out to me, this comes on the heels of Ma praising China's human rights improvements on the Tiananmen Anniversary.

While the front pages of other papers were dominated by stories and pictures of the unimportant events in Xinjiang, Apple Daily was there leading with the really key story of the day, the tawdry tale of some poor girl who had been chained and raped by her father for three years. The sensational sells....

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Anonymous said...

"...Apple Daily was there leading with the really key story of the day..."

I totally share your point of view.
We could always say that Media here are like a "sleeping pill", by not letting people grasp the reality.
But facts are facts.
People still buy and read it... Too lazy to find different sources...
A while ago, a former French president (C. de Gaulle) said: "les fran├žais sont des veaux"
Sadly, it also maybe true in others countries...
Changes are coming?
As the winter and with it, Santa Claus...

Anonymous said...

Journalists from more than 60 overseas media come to Urumqi after riot



Anonymous said...

Ahh.... the peace and stability of a regime which promotes a strongly centralized racial nation and the supremacy of only one ethnic group.

not sure said...

There is a good article on FT that explains the problem in Xinjiang. (about oil fields).

It contains gems such as:

“Offer energy resources as tribute [to Beijing] to create harmony” proclaims a giant billboard outside a petrol station in Korla.

Anonymous said...

Can it ever be the same again after the Urumqi riot?


WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. chink ocpuants playing "poor people are cool" card.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Turkey has made strong condemnations; are the Arabs next? China absolutely needs their oil...

Terrorist organizations are being to make announcements that they will target Chinese. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, should really get it out there that they are NOT okay with China's behavior. Wow, wow, wow, if terrorism starts targeting East Asians and moving into the economically advanced part of East Asia, the world is going to be a very different place.