Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily links, July 27, 2009

Reservoir in Miaoli.

Congratulations to President Ma for winning the party chairmanship against all opposition. Now we can look forward to a summit between Hu and Ma where Ma sells Taiwan to China with a bogus peace agreement in exchange for a Nobel Peace prize and trinkets worth $24. Talk of a summit with a Nobel as the prize has been rife for at least a year.....

Meanwhile, in Blogistan all sorts of meetings are being documented....
MEDIA: You know how you always wondered if allowing all the illegality in Taiwan's traffic made things flow faster? It may well be true. The Peaceful Riser© arms Bangladesh and stokes tensions, even as India launched its first missile submarine today. China boycotts World Games closing ceremony in Kaohsiung as well. Will China's economy go bust? Yes. President Ma campaigned on competence, but doesn't appear to have any. Joblessness in Taiwan to worsen. Analysis of Ma's problems with his own party. Local prisons are overcrowded. Kaohsiung city council corruption? Imagine that. Popular mosquito coil brand may contain Agent Orange.

RESOURCE: Great collection of China-Taiwan links to papers and articles

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Anonymous said...

If the US-Vietnam relationship were something like the Japan-China relationship, what the US would do is pay up billions of dollars every year out of guilt of completing destroying central Vietnam's environment while never admitting wrong doing with a few extremist textbooks claiming the US never really used pesticides in Vietnam.

But as it stands--financial crisis or not, US you owe Vietnam. Now hurry up and pay up.

taiwanvine said...

"You know how you always wondered if allowing all the illegality in Taiwan's traffic made things flow faster? It may well be true."

For some reason, I originally read that as a metaphor for government and corruption--corruption keeping an overly bureaucratic bureaucracy well oiled. The equivalent to the 3 second rule might be something like "don't just take bribes from your friends... taking bribes from only your friends is always bad."

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice that Ma was indicted (as Taipei mayor)for a very similar thing as Chen was as President. Double standards? Hmmm.