Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Links, July 13, 2009

What's being harvested on the blogs today?
MEDIA: Ma starts KMT election campaign -- he's the only candidate. The forms must be obeyed....Turkey invites Uighur leader to visit, Chinese take ball and go home. Taiwan's insurers are weakly capitalized, undermining financial stability. Few outside the industry realize it, but insurance is one of the most important industries in the world. KMT expects ECFA to be inked next year. The KMT and CCP also agreed to make it easier for each other's media to cross the strait. Paul Lin says Taiwanese should wake up and see how the Uighur situation is a warning. German firms say world trade picking up. Taiwan's TECO to explore wind generation equipment market in China. Inflows of PRC capital will only increase local market risks, says Taiwan News editorial. Yea, and they will drive up prices in Taipei for all those Blue voters. Karma. CSIS has a long PDF on attitudes of the young in China and Taiwan. China expands its influence in Africa against the backdrop of the US obsession with the Middle East and its own woes. The troubles in Xinjiang are all about transshipping energy across Asia into China. So are the Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars...

Mention my name in Guantanamo: Chen Shui-bian was detained for ANOTHER two months today. They may make him into a hero in spite of himself.

The "Online Campaign and Governance Conference" Jul 25-6 in Taipei.
Official website is here:
Four speakers have been invited:
-- John Della Volpe, Director of Polling at Harvard University's Institute of Politics
-- Gina Cooper, Gina Cooper is the founder and past CEO of Netroots Nation, formerly knows as YearlyKos, the most dynamic and influential political organization to emerge from the early years of the progressive blogosphere.
-- Michael Turk, a blogger, and part-time political technology consultant living in Falls Church, Virginia. Turk served as the eCampaign Director for Bush-Cheney 04 and for the Republican National Committee.
-- Aaron Swartz, co-inventor of RSS
Registration for the event will be opened on next Monday through (there's an English version).

Sept 19, the Bushman is hosting blogger beach BBQ. See link above.

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Anonymous said...

You can see the future elections will continue to be a referendum on corruption as long as Chen Shui-bian remains the hot topic in the news.

SY said...


One minor correction to "Chen Shui-bian was detained for ANOTHER two months today."

Actually, Chen is still being incarcerated for the "third term of detention," which started on May 26 and won't expire until July 25.

Yesterday's court decision was a "pre-ordered" detention, which won't kick in until July 26 and is supposed to last until Sept 25.

Yes, a detention can be pre-ordered to be "delivered to your door on product launch day" (sometime in the future). What a concept!

EyeDoc said...

I was wondering why all of a sudden a surge in traffic to my site. Thanks for posting the link.

Tommy said...

Did you catch the news today that Al Qaeda's Maghreb division is threatening to retaliate against Chinese investments in Africa due to the Xinjiang crackdown?

On the one hand, this indicates the long-term danger to China of its approach in Xinjiang. On the other, it is really bad for the Uighurs. Al Qaeda is simply helping the Chinese validate their position that Uighurs are terrorists.

Michael Turton said...

Eyedoc, your site is awesome, and I really enjoy it. Great work! Patrick Cowsill told me about you. Keep those history posts coming!


Anonymous said...

What's disgusting about the Ma election is that as the only candidate, he is essentially asking for a PUBLIC, NON-SECRET show of loyalty by party members. An election with only ONE candidate on the ballot means anyone going to the booths is not voting secretly. Don't be surprised if you see people taking notes of who goes to the polls on election day. This is also why the government should really be running primaries even if they aren't official elections the way the real elections are.

I haven't heard anybody talk about this aspect actually in Chinese language media.

KYMCO EVIL said...

Hundreds of laborers of KYMCO Indonesia ( Kwan Yang Motor Taiwan ) down the road to beg for food since the company left them and their family starving.

Employees in leave without pay and by the certainty by the company, Kymco Motor.
The employee said that Kymco is a devil....

Readin said...

The CSIS study has a factual error. It says "When Japan lost World War II in 1945, Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China (ROC)...". Taiwan couldn't be returned to the ROC because the ROC had never previously possessed Taiwan.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting about the Online Campaign Conference in Taipei. I'm very much looking forward to my first visit to Taiwan.

Any advice?