Monday, July 06, 2009

Election Confection

We've got an election coming up at the end of the year, and posters are out all over the island. Here are a few I've shot on my travels.....

Rare for a poster, it does not display an image of the candidate.

Political candidates love to be seen in popular athletic poses. Last time around there was plenty of baseball stuff, given the popularity of Wang Chien-ming with the Yankees; this time its bicycles, cycling being the latest fad.

Here's another candidate on a bicycle.

On a wall on the east coast four KMT candidates have their posters.

Squeezed in between advertisements and shop signs.

Thanks and wishing you a happy one!

A sign on a Yungho bus stop.

At election time, this particular billboard is always covered with signs.

KMT candidates excellently positioned overlooking what at night is one of Yungho's biggest night markets.

A DPP candidate looks down on a local thorofare.

A KMT candidate looks down on a local thorofare.

In Linkou the KMT candidate sees all.

An excellent ad that oozes benevolence and competence. With bonus English!

I noticed Su Tseng-chang, who is popular in the north even though he is a DPP politician, on several DPP signs. No sign of Hsieh, Chen, or other heavyweights.

Su shakes the hand of a local DPPer.

A couple of weeks later, same location, without Su, different candidate.

Outside Fengyuan.

It seems like this year the slate is crowded with females.

A bus in Taitung announces a candidate.

Candidates hang from a building.

A sign watches a road in the east coast rift valley.

The Taitung county chief. This is the woman who was married to the former chief of Taitung county. When he was indicted on corruption charges and had to step down, they divorced so she could run. Naturally, she was elected in a landslide.

Fight! In Taitung.

Small signs like this hang from walls and fences everywhere.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the campaign ads from the other ads.

Female candidates in Linkou.

Despite having photo'd signs all over the island, this is the only one I've seen with Ma in it. He seems to be much less prominent this round than last time.

This candidate will fight for you.

Note the use of color, and the lack of party ID. Which party does this candidate represent?

This sign, like many, advertizes the academic background of the candidate, saying he is a grad of the NTU law program.

A sound truck disturbs the quiet of the coast. If you listen carefully, the accompanying music is the Hawaii Five-O theme.

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杜義凱 is wearing a jacket with a team Italy logo. Maybe he's dreaming of retiring abroad? Ahh, European luxury...