Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thanks, AP

Here is the kind of thing we need the media here to do more often. These two paragraphs are from an AP report on the World Games:
"Ma has been telling Taiwanese that Beijing accepts his claim that Taiwan and China can agree to differ on whether the two sides belong to the same country, but the Chinese delegation's no-show has contradicted that," said Lo, who generally supports the pro-independence opposition. "This will lead people to question the legitimacy of Ma's statements."

But fellow political scientist George Tsai of Taipei's Chinese Culture University – usually a supporter of the government – said that China had shown goodwill by allowing Ma to preside over the opening ceremony.
Such clear identifications of commentators' political allegiances are not always to be found in media presentations on Taiwan. Just consider all the pieces from the 2008 Presidential election that sourced Philip Yang as "a political scientist at NTU" or similar without mentioning where his political allegiances lay: Bloomberg, NYTimes, WaPo, LATimes, Straits Times....

...until the NY Times finally noted near the end of the campaign that Yang advised the Ma campaign. Yang later took a position with Ma's National Security Council.
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Robert R. said...

Ultimate (frisbee) has been growing in the states for quite some years. I started it in high school, and played in college & after graduation until I started traveling. That's when it became difficult (though I did find a group in Santiago).

Perhaps I should re-start trying to find a group up here, though my skills will be below piss-poor by now.

Taiwan Echo said...

Thanks, AP. Thanks, Michael.

Without the continuous efforts of yours and many other English bloggers in the past couple of years, journalists of major global media would have still been dreaming.

Anonymous said...

FYI, WaPo also ran this AP article last week.

John Naruwan said...

I think it's ridiculous for Taiwan Flavors to compare your blog to BlondeInTaiwan. It's like making a list of rules for "shop" and comparing Sogo department store with Family Mart. Or making a list of ideal animal traits and then comparing turtles with emus! What a pointless exercise.

And so what if the BlondeInTaiwan blog writes mostly about herself (9.) or doesn't do interviews (16.), or anything else on that list? Has it occurred to him that it's not that kind of blog? I really think Taiwan Flavors has a very limited view of what blogging is all about.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there's a new Taiwan Feed--

Not sure how useful the news sections are, but the blog stuff looks okay.

Anonymous said...

Debating Chinese Assimilation

megan said...

hey can i at LEAST be 7-11? their sushi triangles are way better than family mart.