Monday, January 09, 2006

Trip to Taipei; Dinner with Friends

This week I was away from my blog for more than four days. Heartbreaking! All sorts of stuff going on, from pandas coming to Taiwan to private sales of US cellphone records to a private contractor for the IRS collecting political information on taxpayers. Thanks, George! Now that I have no civil rights, why don't I feel safe?

Sorry about the political rant...on to the news.

I went up to Taipei to Al's Restaurant (above) for the blogger meet up this weekend and met some interesting people. Foremost among them was Jerome Keating, a cheerful, energetic man of courtly manners and penetrating intelligence, with a vast knowledge of The Beautiful Island.

Jerome Keating. I wish I had a better photograph.

Jeff Miller, a close friend and employee of AIT. Few people know more about Taiwan than Jeff does.

Tammy, an internationally-renowned photographer (Yes, you are! Don't deny it!)

The chubby purveyor of news and gossip via The View from Taiwan

Kevin, who runs a business hunting up copyright violations in China (now there is a vast market) studies the menu as Richard, a sales representative, makes a point.

Emily, a local kindergarten teacher, her face shrouded in mystery.

After the morning blogger meetup, I went to Taipei Zoo to meet the great people at What's Up in Taiwan where I am doing a podcasting interview. I met them at this Volvo promotion outside the Zoo.

Henry, who was doing the interviewing for WuiT, is pictured here on stage with one of the winners of some kind of art award. Despite the bizarro outfit, Henry and his partner Julian turned out to be interesting, talented, and challenging. Julian, who I stupidly forgot to get a picture of, is a successful songwriter for many local pop singers.

After doing the interview for the podcast, I went to an old friend's house for dinner. Here she is, Grace Yu, pictured with Daniel from Suitcasing. The three of us had a wonderful time. Grace, single, independent, talkative, tasteful, funny, and sexy, is one of my favorite people on The Beautiful Isle.

On Sunday on the way back from Taipei, I grabbed this shot of Mom and Sheridan at a rest stop along the highway.

On Sunday I did one of my favorite things: meeting former students for dinner, in this case Apple and Paula. We met at one of those trendy set meal fusion joints that are springing up everywhere (above). They offer upgraded Chinese dishes, hot pots, and mock western stuff, such as casseroles and "Italian" pasta, which is about as Italian as Desmond Tutu.

Apple and Paula pick out dinner.

Apple is delighted with the hot pots, which even I couldn't finish.

Paula describes her life as a student in New York. I am so proud of her for going to study overseas!


T. Destiny in Taiwan said...

I am many things, but HARDLY famous. Thanks for the flattering shot. *w* Are you trying to win the 'how to make friends and influence people' award? *s*

BTW, I keep meaning to comment on your water-shortage piece. It was both entertaining and informative. Thank you for sharing.

STOP_George said...

Here's a thread I've started to deal with the panda story.


A lot of people poo-poo this story as being frivolous because, after all, we're only talking about cute cuddly little bears. I have a slightly different view. This is more than just "cute cuddly little bears". It is a pathetic attempt by China for an international PR coup. Good-will gesture, my ass! The top names in the name-that-panda contest? It translates to "reunion"!!!

This media stunt isn't working so far. CNN had a report, noting that Taiwan has not accepted the bears even though China thinks it's a done deal.

It looks as though Chen is gearing up to reject this stunt -- and I hope he doesn't disappoint. He has a wonderful opportunity to make this backfire on China.

Anonymous said...

"single, independent, talkative, tasteful, funny, and sexy"... what about ME?

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, Tam! Now you're've been on my blog!

Shot wasn't flattering at all, it was the subject.

"single, independent, talkative, tasteful, funny, and sexy"... what about ME?

Chopped liver, baby, and don't you forget it. Although if I had been able to finish that second bottle of wine, you might have looked pretty good....

MJ Klein said...

I would have gone man, but i didn't get back until this evening....