Tuesday, January 08, 2013

1940s Japanese Map of Taiwan

1940s Japanese map of Taiwan.
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EyeDoc said...

Interesting map. The lower right marked "南洋諸島" shows an area from Saipan southwest to Palau and southeast to Micronesia (or Marshall Islands). This had been the territory of the Japanese Empire since 1922. By 1937, it was populated by well over 100,000 Japanese, including the Taiwanese. This was a peace-time map, might have been drawn in early 1941, before Pearl Harbor.

Harry Sawyer said...

Are those oil drilling rigs? They appear to be in So. Taoyuan / No. Miaoli.

Anonymous said...

HS: There are a few oil derrick photos on this page if interested. I think they were in the Hsinchu area.


EyeDoc said...

Those rigs were located in Hsinchu area, specifically 竹東 - not for oil but for natural gas drilling. Also the favorite bombing targets of the Americans, starting on Oct 12, 1944.

Readin said...

I'm the person who regularly comments here using the psuedonym "Readin". Whoever posted as "Readin'" above to say "By that time they have already looted the majority of the island's resources" was someone else.

I'm sorry to have to make an off-topic comment, but in but I do want to protect my reputation.

Michael Turton said...

I removed that comment.