Sunday, January 06, 2013

Thanks! Really Appreciate your letter!

A young woman contemplates the computer screens aboard the colorful metro cars on the Xinbeitou line out to the hot springs in Beitou. Hence the tub shaped computer center.

Last year I got contacted by a couple heading out to Taiwan. They had been inspired by my Huffpost piece from a couple of years ago. Yesterday they sent me a great letter that totally shows the great cycling potential of Taiwan and the silliness of the government in pushing Sun Moon Lake (bleah!)

Hi Michael - I wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time biking in Taiwan, so thanks again for your article that inspired our trip. We ended up biking the following:

Taipei to Baling
Baling to Wuling Farm
Wuling Farm to Puli (over Wuling Pass!! - thankfully it was dry)
Puli to Quanzelling
Quanzelling to Maolin
Maolin to Kenting
Kenting to Taitung (via 200 and 199)
Taitung to Hualien
Taroko Gorge
train back to Taipei

The trip far exceeded our expectations. The riding was fantastic, the people could not have been friendlier or more generous and the food was outstanding!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael! Can you please give an expert analysis of the new hybrid bikes like Anyroad?

Would it be suitable for long rides?



Michael Turton said...

Ha. No idea. Sorry. Ask Drew at Taiwan in Cycles!

1stCMalaysia said...

Why pushing the Sun Moon Lake is a silly idea? Never been there, enlightened me please?

Michael Turton said...


Sun Moon Lake is pretty, but the roads are inappropriate for riding. They are narrow and crowded with vehicles, including many tourist buses. The hills around the lake in Nantou are much prettier and far less crowded.