Monday, January 28, 2013

Eating Bottle-nose Dolphins in Yunlin.

Make yourself ill.

One link here. With news videos.

Another information link from same blog is here.
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Vadim said...

I have informed today Mr.CHEN Chun - Premier, Executive Yuan, and Republic of China about this "restaurant business".
Nevertheless Taiwan Premier Team has the habit “not to solve problems” but to instruct claimer with the address of some “serious” ministry, I hope modern Taiwan people may cut the barbaric habit to eat equals to “homo sapience”.

les said...

Meanwhile in Hawaii, an incident illustrating how intelligent these animals are...

Anonymous said...

good post and good comments. this week in THE COVE in Japan the mass slaughter of dolphins has also begun, see the documentary THE COVE for info and google the Japan news from AP and Kyodo. The New York Times DOT EARTH blog has been alerted

Okami said...

First a dog meat vendor and now dolphins. I'd suggest a detour around Yunlin for any culinary tours.

Anonymous said...

back in the 1980s I used to visit NanFangAo a few times a year. I believe this fishing port is the largest in Taiwan....

..What i truly disliked was the handful of dolfins they always seem to have caught as well. And these creatures were truly to be pitied as they were still alive and struggling on the fish market floor there.

I truly thought whats the point of catching these dolfins, they are not particularly good to eat, so im told. Fishermen didnt seem to actively catch them but the ones that ended up in their nets they happily let die on the deck there and sold them.

Some people made a fish jerky from them, which i've had once or twice and thought it was not really good to eat.

Since then, dolfin catching is illegal. But I don't think its illegal yet to eat them. IT should be.... -- call me NANFAN FAN

Kaminoge said...

Anon at 6:59's attempt to divert attention away from Yunlin and toward Taiji makes we wonder if they're the same person who left similar remarks on your Facebook entry:

"Pretty unfair for Taiwanese compared to this industrial scale dolphin consumption."

"At least Taiwan is civilized enough to have laws against killing cetaceans."

"Protecting and conserving endangered marine mammal species is sure sign of conscious and advanced culture which we call civilization."

Taiwan - the island at the apex of human civilization. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kaminogey re Anon at 6:59's [IN MY PARANOID SUSPICION] attempt to divert [IN KIami's PARANOID SUSPICION] attention away from Yunlin and toward Taiji {WHERE DAT? ANON NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOVE ABOUT TAJI!] [IN MY PARANOID SUSPICION] makes we wonder if they're the same person [THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PEOP:E YOU PARNAOID TE$DDY EBAR YOU!] -- get a grip -- who left similar remarks on your Facebook entry: NOT THE SAME WOMAN! SHEESH!

Anonymous said...

I too have witnessed a dolphin being hacked apart at NanFangAo just a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

March 1, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam,

Your email concerning “Taiwan eateries are serving bottle-nose dolphin meat” was duly relayed to this COA for reply.

According to Wildlife Conservation Act enacted in 1990, CETACEA spp. are listed in the Schedule of Protected Species. Protected Wildlife shall not be disturbed, abused, hunted, killed, traded, exhibited, displayed, owned, imported, exported, raised or bred.

In accordance with the law people eating ''illegal'' dolphin meat in southern Taiwan that exposed in news has been investigated and fined by local government and police department. The COA will continually promote the idea of conservation in education around the area of southern Taiwan.

Once again, thank you for your concern and suggestions.


Council of Agriculture