Friday, September 21, 2012

Lukang of years gone by

Take a break from the Senkakus with some old pics. My mother in law sent my wife a book of photos taken in the 1950s by a resident of Lukang, my wife's hometown. A few selections..... my favorite is the last, where the Terrible Oxen of Death Lurks Beneath the Waters. The frequent use of children in his images is priceless. Each image has captions in Chinese, Japanese, and English. The name of the book is 街坊市井 -- Neighbourhood & Town Sight - Lu-Kang by 30 Years. Click on READ MORE to see more....

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Domenic said...

Wondering through the Taiwan Blogosphere, I see countless images of Taiwan, sharp and colorful; yet, none as compelling as these black and white, well-composed, illuminating photographs. Genuine thanks for sharing. Who took them?

philippe mckay said...

Love old pics

StefanMuc said...

Makes you realize how valuable pictures like these are. Such a different life and so much change in a short period of time.

The little girl on the stairs - she might have grown up to be a real beauty - by now she may be a grandmother. And the old man taking a smoke break is probably in his final resting place in the local cemetery now.

I wonder whether the little boy ever got to ride around the island. He looks a bit scared there, but young boys tend to have big plans. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, as always!

The neatness from the Japanese time was still present. This is most evident in the picture of the traditional market where everyone was tidily dressed.

No wonder, the older generations of Taiwanese maintain a fond memory of the Japanese rule.