Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec Election Poster Photos

Another month closer to the election, another set of pics. Here KMT Pres and Veep Candidates Ma and Wu cover a poster in Guishan in Taoyuan county. Click on the READ MORE below to see 'em all.

A woman hands out campaign literature for the "Taiwanism" party at a train station....

The Taiwanism Party. "The Only Choice for Total Change" it says across the top. I judge them to be either some kind of Communist party, or else one of those fake pro-Taiwan parties that The Other Party has established to split the Taiwanese vote.

Concurrent with Tsai's excellent Piggies campaign, posters with piggies on them began to appear. This one is in Fengyuan. "Justice progresses when the little piggies set off" it says.

"Switching to a new one is the only way there will be a future" says the slogan.

Campaign workers take a break in a rural area in Taichung.

In Jhuolan in Miaoli, the candidates look down on the city center.

PFP candidate James Soong and The Candidate With The Really Big Tie, in Dongshih.

Dueling politicians in Taichung city. The righthand candidate's signs emphasize the different projects for which she says she has been responsible for getting funding; this one implies she was responsible for a project to put high voltage electric cables underground.

KMT candidates in Jhuolan, Miaoli. The sign emphasizes "constructing Miaoli", basically an announcement that the candidate is a key money source for local patronage networks.

DPP candidates in Fengyuan. "I understand, I'll do it" proclaims the legislative candidate's sign.

KMT candidates in Taichung city.

The same legislative candidate, saying he got the cash for a big river renewal project.

Here is the same woman, this time the sign says she got big bucks for the Intercontinental baseball stadium.

KMT candidate in my area.

TSU headquarters in Fengyuan city.

This KMT candidate wants the metro to come to Taoyuan and calls for completion of the big infrastructure projects in the area.

This DPP candidate's sign accuses the local KMT legislative candidate and President Ma of using public money to support their re-election. "Please clearly explain!"

Candidates decorate an intersection in Tanzi outside Taichung city.

"Without party colors, life will be even more beautiful" this candidate advertises. She appears to be an independent candidate, without Green/Blue color, in other words. Such ads appeal to the Taiwanese yearning for a way out of the Blue-Green divide.

A DPP ad on a hillside outside Taichung city.

Here she is again, this time saying she got money from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to put in equipment/infrastructure for mothers who are traffic volunteers around all the schools in Taichung's north district.

Sound truck for the DPP.

Candidates outside the fishing port in Taichung.

KMT candidates by the fishing port.

She says she sincerely listens and sincerely performs.
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