Monday, December 05, 2011

Daily Links, Dec 5, 2011

An absolutely stunning day in the mountains of Miaoli on Saturday. Here's the view from atop 130 at about 800 meters.

A wonderful weekend full of riding and politics. What's out there on the blogs?

Out at Gaomei Wetlands on Sunday, another lovely day with great company. Don't miss Drew's write-up with great pics.

Farms around Pinglin Road in Miaoli on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Jens doesn't mention in his Yonaguni article that Aso's attention was focused in 2006, when he was foreign minister, and Taiwan planned a naval artillery exercise just west of the island. Japan was able to dissuade Taiwan from conducting the exercise.

They were already talking about it in 1996, when they noticed that Taiwanese drills were moving northward. The fishermen were getting all upset because the fish were being chased away.

Beijing isn't the only game-player in the area.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that people in China can see the process of Taiwan presidential debate is a good indication of willingness to gradually move towards more open form of Government. This is also acceptance of the fact that there is an established Government where China can learn from and avoid pitfalls.

I felt that Tsai presented herself very will in terms of posture. However, I did not like the fact that she refused to address details referring to them as 之結.

I was a little disappointed in how Ma presented himself, but I like the fact that he had addressed the issues more realistically. However, he could had done better if he had a bit more posture like Tsai with a clear roadmap linking current progress with the future policies and expectations.

Soong, well, he sort of was in between in terms of posture. Addressed some good points, but not broad enough or deep enough.

I've been viewing some Jobs presentations and speeches, and feel there are certainly good things to learn.

Basically, nobody had properly addressed the lost link between education and the real world. Some words of intention were addressed, but nothing in terms of what could be carried out immediately. This lengthens the time to reform by at least two years.