Saturday, May 21, 2011

Somebody's Wife Loves Him.....

....because she let him buy a new Canon Powershot S95 even though he lost the first one a few months back. So now I can take pictures like this lovely hibiscus flower....

A fisherman southwest of Dongshih town. I did a short one around Hsinshe today.

Saturday morning on the Fengdong Bike Trail.


James Murray, manager of 185 Warehouse and all-around awesome guy.

Me in my new 185 Warehouse gear.

Yes, there will be spiders. This youngster was napping by the side of the road when I spotted him.

Danger on the bike trail.

Collecting recyclables at a betel nut stand.

Dongshih town from the hill opposite.

Foreign workers enjoy a Saturday out.

The road goes ever on. And now I'll be photoing it with the new Canon Powershot S95.
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