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Taiwanese Taekwondo Disqualification in China =UPDATE x5=

UPDATE: I've moved this post to the top since there is a powerful public response here in Taiwan. The foreign policy post is now under this one.

A Taiwanese Taekwondo competitor, a favorite to win the gold, was disqualified after officials found sensors in her socks, leading to claims of conspiracy in Taiwan....BBC reports:
The sensors detect when competitors score points by landing kicks and punches on their opponent's body.

Additional sensors could make point-scoring easier.

Yang Shu-chun had been one of the favourites for the gold medal and says she is innocent. A Taiwan official said her disqualification was "unfair".

Taiwan's top sports body immediately voiced its concern over the ruling.

"The technical committee did not allow Taiwan's team a chance to explain before making the decision and we regret the unfair ruling," said the Sports Affairs Council.
Sensors had been introduced into the sport to make judging fairer. The match was taking place in Guangzhou, China. Other news articles give more details:
Yang had an extra electronic sensor taped to each of her heels in an effort to score more points before her opening 49kg match against Vietnam's Vu Thi Hau, although each fighter can wear authorised socks with built-in sensors.

The WTF official, speaking on behalf of Asian Games taekwondo chiefs, said the Taiwan fighter passed a mandatory pre-match formal inspection of her gear.

But the extra sensors were discovered by a suspecting official right before the match, Yang Jin-Suk said.

The sensors were taken from her and sent to technical directors and supervisors for close examination while the fight was started.

The bout was halted at 12 seconds and the Taiwan fighter disqualified after already piling up nine points.

The key point was here:
The island's cable television channels broadcast footage of a crying Yang while speculating over a conspiracy to kick out their fighter so that her Chinese rival may have a smoother path to gold.
Yang's main obstacle to the gold medal was a Chinese fighter so in conspiratorially-minded Taiwan this will be seen as just another Chinese affront to Taiwan. Following so closely after the affair at the film festival in Tokyo where the Taiwan delegation was screamed at by Chinese, it will only stoke local anti-China feelings. A friend of mine observed that officials had moved the match up by a day, which may not seem like much, but in a sport where competitors have to meet weight requirements, could be serious. CNN reports that the Taiwan government is considering legal action. Reuters added additional facts that may infuriate people in Taiwan:
The decision sparked an angry slanging match between Taiwanese and Chinese journalists at a press conference, as officials refused to translate questions as to whether the decision had been politically motivated.
ADDED: Local legislators get in on the fun. Taipei Times piece on the issue.

Another story has a slightly different construction of events, saying that the sensors were found during the fight:

Yang Jin-suk, secretary general of the World Taekwondo Federation, told a news conference that officials noticed in a pre-match inspection that the 2008 Beijing Olympic competitor appeared to have one extra sensor on the heel of each shoe.

The judges told her not to use them in the under-49 kilogram division match, then disqualified her with 12 seconds left in the first round because they noticed she still had them on her shoes. Philippine referee Stephen Fernandez then stopped the fight.

Taiwan officials said Yang thought she had clearance. The 25-year-old Taiwanese competitor was dominating Thi Hau Vu of Vietnam when the fight was called off. Thi went on to win bronze.

The decision, which the secretary-general said was confirmed by a five-member games technical committee.

"The fact of the matter is while she was out there competing, the sensors were discovered. That relates to the question of did she get that many points because of the sensors?" The WTF secretary-general told The Associated Press. "She was very well-known in the circuit. Why even bother to do anything like that?"

Unfortunate the WTF (nice acronym there!) website has no news about this. Reuters and a couple of other news orgs noted:
A senior official from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) disputed that, and said Yang had put the sensors in her footwear even after officials had earlier confiscated another set from her.

"The sensors give the fighter an unfair advantage by making the blows seem bigger than they are," said WTF secretary general Yang Jin Suk, adding that the decision was fair and more sanctions could be expected.
Highly pro-Taiwan Youtube video here, a good example of how this will be constructed here in Taiwan. The video says the officials who stopped the fight were Chinese, but no other report says this. The WTF Sec-Gen is Korean. From my vantage point it is hard to call this as anything other than busted cheating.

These events are common in Taekwondo which has a long history of disputed calls, a problem the sensors were meant to address. A similar event from a previous match has Ovid Tseng yelling at the judges when South Korean officials handed a match to a South Korean player even though video showed the South Korean competitor had made an illegal hit.

ADDED: Anti-China sentiment in Taiwan can't be good for the pro-China KMT in the upcoming local elections. How long before KMT officials move to dampen this outburst? Moreover, the various Chen Shui-bian verdicts were going to be fodder for the KMT to occupy the media with anti-Chen rhetoric to pummel the DPP during the waning days of the bitter local election campaign. Now the media is occupied with anti-China rhetoric instead. Thank you, Ms. Yang.

Don't miss all the comments below with lots of links and criticisms.

UPDATE: Dixteel adds more juicy details in the comments below. I would really love to hear a clear, strong denial from Ms. Yang, something like "There were no extra sensors taped to my socks!" Clearly the WTF needs to be more sensitive to the various nationalisms at play in these matches!

UPDATE 2: This is spreading like wildfire on the net in Taiwan. Facebook (the support group is here) is full of expressions of anger, and articles like this are being swapped around. Note how the picture caption calls on Taiwanese to rise up and shout "I protest!" Video from CTS, the pro-KMT cable station, with tears from Yang.

UPDATE 3: More video with clear realtime comments in Chinese. I've moved this post to the top.

UPDATE 4: Video with English translation/commentary. Watch out, it comments sometimes without letting you know it is commenting. The English does not reflect the narrator's words.

UPDATE 5: Hahaha. Taipei Times reports: Asked why Yang Shu-chun had been disqualified after passing the pre-match inspection, Yang Jin-suk said he “couldn’t explain in detail because it involved personal privacy.” That kind of obfuscating isn't going to help matters.

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Anonymous said...

I thin what is really important her is not what happened or why, but rather how the Taiwanese perceive what has happened. It is really telling of how Taiwanese perceive their relationship to China and it might be a very good political barometer for analyzing how Taiwanese actually feel about the Ma administration policies to placate China.

Michael Turton said...

I totally agree with that assessment -- the really interesting thing is the Taiwanese reaction to China.

Dixteel said...

I think the general feeling in Taiwan right now is quite angry.

Weird thing is South Korea is dragged into this thing as well, which again reflects some Taiwanese dislike of Korean, which I still don't quite understand.

However, most people are angry with China because it's the host and also because its attitude throughout. Furthermore, the Chinese equipment inspector is apparently the coach of the Chinese the whole thing is really fishy.

Personally, I lean more toward side that think there is a conspiracy...judging by how the events unfold. Unfortunately I think in international media China is going to smear Yang pretty much, because no one will bother to dig up the details.

Coincidently a lot of Taiwanese women have been hurt in China or by Chinese. There was the burning singer, the Tokyo film festival thing, and now this one. I think only the most cold hearted Taiwanese will not feel some sort of emotion at all these shits.

Dixteel said...

Also, FYI...Yang's father call in to the talk show and said China reschedule the match from 18 to 17 etc...which again reminds us what happened in 2008 Olympic Baseball. China scheduled Taiwan baseball team to play in consecutive day (or was it 2 match in 1 day) etc...which a lot of people said are intentional to mess the team up. And indeed the team loss big.

Again, there are no formal evidence, but shits seem to happen when China is the host.

Also, I would urge Taiwanese direct their blame on China, not South Korean (yes, there is a Korean judge, but that's 1 guy). Most South Korean probably don't even know this shit. Do you blame the US for the 2008 Olympic Baseball shit just because that's where Baseball is from? No. Plus Korea got nothing out of this, where as China did get an extra gold. So I think it's better to direct the attention to where it is due.

Michael Turton said...

Dix, she doesn't deny having the extra sensors.

But these details you've added are interesting.

Dixteel said...

Sure, I think the sensors thing require further clarification from different parties, including Yang, the manufacturer of the sock and WTF. However, right now I really doubt anything from even WTF because they also have Chinese officials in it...and it is very likely that even they are into it, which is the basis of my conspiracy theory. All I can say is it is very easy for Chinese officials (both organizers and WTF members) to set Yang up.

Furthermore, even one of the WTF guy got it wrong...the replay shows that there are at least 2 kicks on the head, which are 3 points each, given by judges manually, not by electronic yes, it's possible to get 9-0 because of the head shots, not some magical socks.

Mike said...

I was feeling pretty WTF when I was reading the article and was absolutely astonished when it was noted that the World Taekwondo Federation's acronym was classified as "nice". A little bit of light-heartedness was definitely appreciated in what would otherwise seem like a pretty depressing to read post. I'm definitely on the "conspiracy" side of the house.

Too hard to keep politics aside in this issue, especially with 11-27 being not so far away too. The responses from both Xinbei City (Yang's hometown apparently) Mayoral Candidates regarding this issue have been somewhat comforting. Eric Chu told reporters that the KMT will never tolerate any instance of Taiwan being degraded in the international arena (which I shall choose not to comment on, or maybe I should paste the "nice" acronym here?), and urged the government to support her. Tsai Ing-wen on the otherhand urged the people of Taiwan to stand together, united, to stand up for Yang, the daughter of Xinbei City.

Angelica said... I feel stupid for joining the facebook group defending her...thanks for the info.

philippe said...

one thing which i didn't notice in your piece was the actions of the official at the press conference.
this could cause more problems than any sensor.
if you noticed in the video, someone in the media basically voiced disagreement with the official statement and said something like let's go but few were moving. then the female official went off on them with a verbal barrage...and everyone left...this links 2 events together that have nothing to do with each other (japan film awards with asian games).
for me, she represents what the political process encourages against those who disagree.

Michael Turton said...

Philipe, I'm trying to avoid saying anything about the officials because all my news sources are incomplete/slanted.


Dear Dixeel, we like to hear more from you, would you please join our facebook page and voice out your opinion? Yang and Taiwan need justice.
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

WTF? Michael, why would you assume Yang Shu-jun would cheat? That makes no sense. A favorite for the gold medal seeking an advantage over a very third-rate one from Vietnam? Seriously?

I find it difficult to believe that there was an extra sensor if the technical official refused to give a reason for her disqualification at the time of disqualification! How did ALL the Chinese language media miss this? This is some ridiculous reason being made-up after the fact.

You can't change fight dates, yes the weight matters a ton (you have to dehydrate and rehydrate) and judges/refs can't be members of opposing teams. I don't see anyone being "conspiratorially" minded, and ironically your accusations of others being conspiratorially minded are just as conspiratorial (everyone's wrong! no one else sees it!). The judging system is just completely wide open to abuse even before this disqualification.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words: Your accusations of cheating are completely unfounded and you'll have to post an apology and correction soon.

Anonymous said...

Reviewing the pre-bout inspection footages should give anyone a clear idea if Yang told the truth.

Normally a player would know how good his/her opponent is and the chances of winning before the game, unless it's a tight race. Judging by Yang's total dominance in the match, would you really think she needs to cheat to boost her chance to win this match?

Anonymous said...

It's the lack of consistent details and the face of the weeping and demoralized Yang, who, IMO, looks genuinely stunned (not like someone who's knowingly cheated), that are so compelling.

Conspiracy? Well, suffice it to say that China certainly knew Yang would've kicked their asses!

Alex said...

Dunno if you guys were watching the news just now, but they were commenting on how the footage of the match clearly shows that she was not wearing the extra sensor pads during the match. So events as I see them:

1.Prematch examination, she had 2 pairs of sensor socks, but only one pair passed.

2.She wore the approved pair on the prematch sensor testing, and was asked to remove the heel sensors prior to the match as they no longer fit regulations.

3.9 points in and 12 seconds before the match is due to finish, she is disqualified for "extra heel sensors" which she had supposedly removed.

4.The WTF commented on how she could have scored extra points by wearing the sensors, insinuating that she was cheating, yet she scored 6 of her points with kicks to the head (3 points each), and this is not based on sensor readings, but called by the judge.

PS. the sensors are the silvery dotted "pads" stuck on the black "sock" with Velcro. Look up some footage on youtube and you'll see that she didn't have any on her heels during the match. The approved style (for these asia games) had the pads sewn on to prevent players adding or otherwise change the sensor pads.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 - after prematch testing, sensor pad clearly visible on heel

@2:30 - She was asked to remove the heel pads, which is clearly shown.

Anonymous said...

Be wary of very strong emotions cuz it might make one look like a fool after all the steam have evaporated.

Let's all calm down and avoid being hypnotized by the 'Talking Show'.


Mark Wu said...

The entire sequence of event is shrouded in suspicion. Moving the bout up 1 day is incredibly taxing on fighters that need to make weight, and China did that with no explanation. Then there's the way that Yang was disqualified while dominating her opponent. Instead of issuing a warning and taking away points, she was disqualified on the spot. And the way that WTF allows contestant coaches to be a technical ref is beyond my comprehension of fairness. And now she faces suspension in future games. If the punishment were going to be so severe, WTF has the responsibility to justify the punishment. However, based on its track record of controversial calls, I really don't think justice will be served.

There's been long standing animosity between Taiwanese athletes and Korean athletes. I think the general consensus is that Koreans play dirty. The incident involving an illegal punch to the neck that Ovid Tseng was protesting before is a clear example that supports Taiwanese animosity towards Korean athletes and Korean officials.

Mark Wu said...

@philippe: I believe the Taiwanese press boycotted the press conference after the translator refused to translate their questions.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese cheat like crazy in sports, academics, and anything else. In fairness, what is perceived as cheating in the US, where I live, sometimes isn't considered cheating in China. But in the international sports domain, it's clearly cheating.

It's sad to see that Taiwan is stooping to that level.

SY said...

Interesting development:

1. On Nov 18, 2010, the Asian Taekwondo Union issued a news release entitled "Shocking Act of Deception by Chinese Taipei".

2. Within less than 24 hours, the Asian Taekwondo Union removed the said news release item from its web site. (The original news release was published here, as you can see, it is now empty.)

3. The said news release, however, is being fully quoted by quite a few other web sites now, such as this one, where you can read the news release text.

4. If you goggle it, you still can see the "Google-dit trail" (see the entry for showing the original act of news release.

I can fully appreciate Michael's cautious maintenance of impartiality, but this is really smelling fishy.

The news release noted that one of the two recommendations made by the Asian Taekwondo Union was:

"(2) The Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Association and its officials to be investigated further by the WTF Ethics Committee and the proper punishment be handed down for the incident to stop any future attempts to manipulate the WTF Competition Rules & Regulations."

So, the Asian Taekwondo Union is treating "The Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Association" as a whole as the offender. The wording "to stop any future attempts to manipulate" is strongly accusatory.

This is extremely unusual (thus, fishy) to me.

Anonymous said...

The press conference blow-up is here:

The Taiwanese news station voice-over says that they accused Yang of cheating. The actual quote from the Games Official speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, the gentleman in black (also seen in the original video) is identified as Korean Yang Jin-suk.

Anonymous said...

Here's the current Next Media coverage. No anger towards China now, only aimed at the Korean secretary-general:

And Dixteel, too bad for you... it also shows an Apple Daily poll, where 80% of respondents agreed it's time to boycott Korean dramas/products because of their "under-handed methods".

Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the following video, which has captured the whole event.

Michael Turton said...

I'm not going to debate whether she cheated. I'm waiting for her strong and clear denial, as well as further evidence either way. The key point is EVIDENCE. My commitment to Taiwan is ethical, not tribal.

As for pictures I await photos and vids from the examination process of her socks after the match. I'll commit to a conspiracy theory when the evidence supports one.

Thanks for all the great links and comments.


Anonymous said...

Billy Pan has a nice commentary on the event. Please take a look.

philippe said...

basically, i think the situation is going to result in the fighter and coach being denied any right to go to the Olympics.

the feeling i get is that "honourable" officials were embarrassed and they will punish as severely as possible. if she and her coach relent the powers at be will show "gratitude"...

it's something korea and china won't let go of. they are going to squeeze someone hard for questioning them.

and if this happens will taiwan turn off of a sport that korea uses as a prestige symbol?

there is a growing taiwanese identity on this island across the political stratum. the reaction to this event demonstrates this. it has affected supporters of both parties and reflects a lessening (indirectly) of a chinese identity by bringing people together to defend this taiwanese participant.

Karl said...

"My commitment to Taiwan is ethical, not tribal."

Everyone in the world justifies their national allegiance in terms of ethics.

Except me. My loyalty to Taiwan stems from my overpowering Sinophobia.

Anonymous said...

So Taiwan is not sure who they're more pissed at, China or Korea. Guaranteed the political soap opera between these Asian countries is a million times more interesting than the games themselves (just like the Olympics which no one really cares about if not for nationalism)

Anonymous said...

hey guys, here are some evidences that support Yang.

photos showed Yang wasn't wearing extra sensors on her kneels during the tournament.

videos of the whole game:

as you can see, at 02:37, she removed her sensors on her kneels before the game started.

also, the Korean WTF secretary confirmed that her socks are certified by WTF.


Anonymous said...

This entire post on your blog, Michael, is just a fantastic resource. Proving that this blog of yours is one of the best Taiwan-related English language blogs on the Internet. There should be some sort of award. Really.



Anonymous said...

She cheated. Just because she was favored to win doesnt excuse her. If Lance Armstrong was caught doping, he too shouldn't be excused just because hes the favorite.

Yang had 2 additional ILLEGAL sensors on her feet. There is no conspiracy. The pre-examination authorities explicity told her to take them off. She took them off and then put them on again only to be caught red handed within the last 20 seconds of the match. She knew she was cheating. And even if she didn't know, that still doesnt excuse her one bit.

You do not accidently wear 2 additional sensor over your legal sensors. The Taiwanese media is utterly incompetent and reporting lie after to lie to defend Yang. They are even reporting that the referee who disqualified Yang was Korean. Heres a picture of the ref in question.

Does he look Korean to you? Taiwan is nothing more then a whiny crybaby. Korea doesn't play dirty. Its what Taiwan wants to believe because they are sore losers. The current medal standings at the Asian games shows that Korea has 37 gold medals to Taiwans 3. Its jealousy at its most raw.

Michael Turton said...

The ref was Filipino.

it's not jealousy at its most raw, but tribalism at its most raw. Plus I think Dixteel really had an insight when he pointed out that the last two slights to Taiwan involved tearful females.

Anonymous said...

Video footage released today show that the Yang only wore the unapproved socks during the practice session. She was confronted by officials and promptly removed the extra censors. In the actual match, she had on socks that were examined and approved by WTF officials immediately before her match, and footages showed her wearing those socks throughout the round. The footages also prove there were no censors on her heels as was claimed by the WTF officials.


It's also all over the Taiwanese news reports right now. Although their validity is questionable, the evidence they have provided is more than what the WTF officials have given us at this point.

Anonymous said...

If the Taiwanese are so upset about this, imagine if somebody told them that China systematically bans them from entering the UN, certainly the people would be outraged!


Anonymous said...

Could it be that China is behind this to get Taiwanese athletes barred from international competition in order to limit access to international tournaments? If Taiwanese wish to compete at that level they may do so... but under the PRC flag?

Anonymous said...

Hey, those who are STILL saying the Taiwanese TKD athlete cheated, please stop posting worthless links of biased news reporting.

Instead, please show proof that she has an extra sensor during the competition against the Vietnamese opponent. If you can't, you should shut up and wait for evidence.

Right now there is youtube evidence of the video taken during the match that shows that the Taiwanese athlete did NOT have extra sensors on her heels.

So those who are still saying the Taiwanese athlete cheated, please watch the video and point out where the extra sensor is before continuing to regurgitate information you have read on Korean or China based websites with political biases :) or just saving their own ass incase they got factual information wrong.

Get evidence before you post ignorant slander. If you continue to do so, you're no better than FOX NEWS :) AND PEOPLE for god sake, do research and use your brain, and read all sources and know who wrote the sources and if there is any political or bias behind them. BE AN INDIVIDUAL not a sheep.

Rant over. Btw, watch or you'll learn about how to be smart about what you read and what you hear and learn to pick up on BS :)

A concerned Citizen of the direction our World is heading,

Dixteel said...

I really think people should understand this, especially Taiwanese and Korean. Right now there is the incident, which I believe is caused by Chinese officials. And then there are those idiotic Taiwanese and pro-China supporters who try to redirect the public anger toward Korea and flame it. Remember, there is a lot of pro-China media in Taiwan. Their stance is not going to change over night. Look at their report and you notice their misdirection of trying to put the blame on Korea instead of China. Pro-China people can also do some stunt like what they did already: burning SK flag and march toward SK de facto embassy in Taiwan.

In the end, these people can make Taiwan look a fool. But I think a lot of pan green people already notice this.

Remember, the problem is not about gold medals. I don't give a f**k about a piece of crap. The problem is Chinese officials do things for their own gain in the expense of others.

philippe said...

does anyone actually know the rules in regard to sensors?

i read somewhere's that there is no rule against sensors on the heels. is this true?

one thing i noticed in other articles was the mentioning of "modified" equipment...which brings back memories of the the oval cyclist from scotland who was hassled by officials for having "modified" equipment which met specs, but was not from a manufacture.

they don't like "inventive and resourceful" athletes. rather they like athletes wearing clothes and equipment made only by manufactures and worn "as is" because association can't or don't want to put resources into defining each athletes equipment. they rather rationalize the process.
however, another cynical point is that they also get revenue from companies wishing exclusive rights for althletes wearing the gear. and preventing "modified" equipment kills two birds with one stone.

another thing

an interesting thing i read was that this is a sport that has no contract beyond the next olympics. i don't know how true this is.
however, every sport must go through an evaluation process and must compete against other sports interested in entering the olympics...(the search for cash cows)

from what i recall since the sport had come into the olympics, it has been one of continuous problems involving judging.. not to mention accusations of corruption.
why i bring this up is that what transpired, cheating or not, highlights that officials have not solved the judging problems which may affect their chances as an olympic event.

Kick the Koreans said...

This sport is unfair in the first place. With all the judges and coaches trained in S. Korean, what can we expect? This isn't the first time such act of unfairness was performed, and nor is it last. Screw the Koreans who trained these Olympic judges.

Anonymous said...

@Michael Turton

You said:

"I'm waiting for her strong and clear denial..."

This should be what you're waiting for:

Notice what she says around the 3:09, 5:08, and 6:00 marks. I think there's no clearer way to say it.


Dixteel said...

Kick The Korean,

What does referee training have anything to do with this? Would it be better if referee are trained in their respective country? So maybe this Chinese official is train in China, and that would make things better?

That is totally illogical. It's like if someone drink and drive, you blame his driving coach from 10 years ago.

les said...

While I feel sorry for Yang, she's also pretty naive to expect a fair competition to be held China, especially after the Olympics. My own feeling is to follow the money to find the crooks. Who actually gained from this charade? Who got the gold medal?

Anonymous said...

to philippe,

There is no rules against sensors, because the sensors are there for judges to evaluate points to the body which can sometimes be missed.

THIS is much like INSTANT REPLAY, which the judges can still use incorrectly. Now, the concern is that the Taiwanese athlete had 2 sensors, one near the toes and another on the heel. The officials are LYING that this allowed the Taiwanese athlete to achieve more points, because there are more sensors on the Taiwanese athlete (2) vs the (1) on the Vietnamese athlete.

This is where their story breaks down if you follow logic. #1 Before sensors were invented the way points were awards were there are 3 judges placed in a triangle around the 2 fighters, if 2 of the 3 judges hit a button at the same time for the same fighter, then a point is counter. This was hit and miss, that is why sensors were put in to help the judges. The sensors would help the judges determine if contact was actually made because there would be pressure on the sensor.

#2 The sensor does not automatically award points, the judge still has to press the buttons (2 of the 3 judges) to give a point.

#3 head shots do not require sensors, since it's a head shot, the head moves, a head shot (kick to the head) is 3 points. Body shots are 1 points.

BTW, I am a double junior USTKD gold medalist back in the day...

#4 Taiwanese athlete had 2 head shots 6 points, which had nothing to do with sensors.

#5 The penalty for extra sensors is deducting a point and having the sensors removed, NOT DQing.

#6 THE YOUTUBE VIDEO above in my previous post CLEARLY shows there is no sensor on her heel. But she was up 9-0, even if she had a sensor penalty, deduct her a point, 8-0...take away all her sensor induced points, 6-0...

Anonymous said...


See what happens when you follow facts and actually know something about TKD? The officials are ridiculous.

Now this is the way to fight the wrong doing of the possible conspiracy. With FACTS, not hate.

None of us were at the events, we can only go by the evidence. We don't need to go by just the words of officials or the athlete herself. They both are going to profess they did nothing wrong. They just followed the rules.

It is up to us and those in the media to dig for the truth. To see if there is evidence, people who aren't biased, and even listen to the biased stories. Because if the biased stories are not based in fact, but a cover-up it is easy to spot like this.

Most people who are saying the Taiwanese athlete is a cheater knows nothing about TKD, nothing about how the point system works, nothing about how important the sensor is. They ignorantly listen to the officials trying to cover their ass.

See? :) After you know some FACTUAL information, those who have posted above w/o knowing all the information seem kind of stupid eh?

Lets see the Korean/Chinese officials talk their way out of this one.


Alex said...

Dixteel: i think the koreans thing might arise from 2 separate people.

1. the Filipino court side person who stopped the match is reported by Taiwanese media to be originally from Korea (ie he immigrated to the Philippines) I don't know how accurate this is.

2. The secretary general of the world taekwondo federation IS Korean ( <-- their official site, please scroll down to him) and he is responsible for the press release that outright accused her of cheating.

I'm not saying the anger is justified, but there you go.

Philippe i think the rules on the heel pads vary by competition, and in this particular comp. (asian games) they are against the rules. This is also shown by the fact that the newer generation electronic socks also have velcro pads on the heels (white colour), for the placement of sensor pads when required, as well as all other, standard pads sewn in. In the older generation socks, most pads are removable, so of course the instruction manual would come with instructions on how to place them, the heel pads were part of the product!!

Anonymous said...

And in response to Dixteel's comment... there are obviously many anti-Chinese activists who are looking for every opportunity to spin this into an anti-Chinese angle.

Pull your head out of your ass.

Why the hell would China feel a need to cheat to get this girl kicked out of the games? She finished *5th* in Beijing. The same girl (Wu Jingyu) that won gold in Beijing won gold again in Guangzhou. The Chinese girl beat Yang head-to-head in 2008, by the way.

So... China really wants to create an international incident in order to get an extra gold medal that it was heavily favored to win? And it couldn't find a way to cheat earlier (get her lost on the way in from the airport, lose her luggage, or just give her a stomach flu)... and instead chose to wait until the most ridiculous, controversial moment possible with Yang leading 9-0, before getting her disqualified?

That Billy Pan blog is classic. The conclusion that he reaches (in his words) is that the Korean secretary general conspired with the judges from 4 different countries as well as the Filipino judge in order to steal a gold medal for China. Right.


Mark Wu said...

The sock distributor in Taiwan released the following statement on their website:

My translation of statement reads:

The Lajust sensor socks provided by our company is approved by the WTF for all WTF competitions (including the Guangzhou Pan Asian Games). The approval could be found on the official WTF website.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the equipment during this Pan Asian Games, our company would like to make the following statements:

1. Difference between new and old sensor socks
Old sensor socks have one more sensor than the new sensor socks located at the heel. This sensor, like all the other sensors on the sock, is attached by Velcro. This sensor attachment is designed and specified by the manufacturer (LaJust), not modified by our company or the athlete.

2. Is it legal for competition?
There were 12 pairs of socks in this batch. Because Yang Shu-Jun and Huang Xiang-Yong have smaller feet, we provided the older style socks to them during training. The rest of the batch were used by ten athletes. However, both new style and old styles are approved for competition. There is no distinction made between training versus competition socks.

3. Are the old socks banned from competition?
(1) We have not received any notification from the Korean manufacturer Lajust.
(2) WTF has notified its member associations in different countries via mail and official website that all equipment manufactured by is approved for competition. We will do our best to provide related information and wish the best for our Chinese Taipei athletes in future competitions.

Dixteel said...


I know there maybe is a Korean involved, but what does it mean? We see that Chinese officials (especially 趙磊, who is one of the main organizer over the event, and the technical advisor, who out rank even the referee and the judges). If you are a referee in China, this guy 趙磊 come and tell you Yang is cheating, what will you do? Furthermore, this is more like an act of one individual Korean. He might be bribed, who knows. But that is one Korean. Where as in 趙磊's case, you see the whole Chinese organisers behind him.

Finally, who gain from this? China. Who is now accusing Taiwan (not just Yang) as cheaters? Chinese. Where as in the case of South Korean, most of them don't know what is going on. So I think it is extremely important to know who the "enemies" are. Don't just go around and shotgun everyone just because we are pissed.

(Finally, don't you think this is a good way for China to further drive a wedge between Taiwan and South Korea? Before Chinese media released false information that makes some Taiwanese angry toward South Korean for no reason. Don't you think they are trying to do that again? When you think strategically the only gainer in this incident is China, and both Taiwan and South Korea loss, unless Taiwan and South Korea work together to clarify this bullshit incident)

Dixteel said...

"Why the hell would China feel a need to cheat to get this girl kicked out of the games? She finished *5th* in Beijing. The same girl (Wu Jingyu) that won gold in Beijing won gold again in Guangzhou. The Chinese girl beat Yang head-to-head in 2008, by the way."

You know who 趙磊 is, anon? Could it be that he see Yang perform well against the Vietnamness opponent and suddenly decide to play safe? Or maybe he does want to create an international incident. What do they have to loss? Taiwan and Korea is now throwing shit at each other and China is now laughing at these idiots. And hey, why did Chinese media release false info about South Korea before to get people pissed at South Korea? Why? Because it works like a charm and they like to divide and conquer.

Furthermore, this TKD thing is no single incident. Check this news from Tokyo: Athletes from Japan and Malaysia were treated unfairly (including sudden switch of 5 judges to all Chinese) as well. Yea, sure, they don't really want to create international incident? Really?

Anonymous said...

The only idiots are the people calling others idiots. Like the Anon posted above who responded to Dixteel and doesn't leave any type of ID :)

You should pull your head out of your ass. And look at the facts, not what you BELIEVE is a conspiracy based on biased news reporting :) And based on what ACTUALLY happened.

So officials say there is a heel sensor that is shy the Taiwanese athlete is DQed, yet watch the youtube clip. There is proof otherwise, proof that there is no sensor on the heel, they removed it before the fight as instructed to.

And the phillipine judge just happens far afar running in after a 9-0 lead saying "oh wait, wait, from really far away I can tell there is a heel sensor that does nothing to help against head shots." It's not a conspiracy, because it's blatant they know the Taiwanese athlete is strong. Just because the Chinese one won previously doesn't guarantee she will win again.

And to CONTINUE your straw-man argument, China isn't afraid of an international incident. Please, they are pushing around the U.S., look at the way they are treating Japan on w/ the territorial issues on fishing. And look at the way they speak about Taiwan at Tokyo. So READ SOME and LEARN SOME before you talk BULLSHIT.


Stop watching FOX NEWS please or Asian equivalents.


Anonymous said...

Taiwan and Korea have been allies and competitors and rivals in everything! The issue about anger towards S Korea is that the Koreans have come to suck up to China recently! Also thinking that China is their key to come to an understanding with North Korea. Koreans and Taiwanese are bitter friends and bitter rivals--simply put!

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that China is not about the rule of law--it is the rule of how they feel and what it takes to get their own way! Taiwan and Taiwanese needs to protect Formosa and wake up fast!

Ethan Dao Minh Vu said...

Mr. Turton,
It is time to apologize for your undemocratic blog about Yang Shu-Chun. I am sure you have all the evidences by now without me having to direct you there because it is all over the internet. The reason I called your undemocratic is because I feel ashamed for you as an English professor that does not know that our law has always been "innocent until proven guilty", but you do otherwise. I hope that you find mistakes in my grammar and also mistake in your uneducated view. Good day, Professor.

Anonymous said...

Quote: “The match started with everything seemingly as normal as it should in the first 45 seconds of the first round until the engineer from Manufacturer of the Protective Scoring System (PSS), LaJust, saw something unusual about the way the Chinese Taipei player was scoring and the look of her socks. At this point he asked the center referee to stop the match to check the special socks that are worn by all the players when using the electronic system. As requested by the engineer, the referee stopped the match to check the player’s socks when he noticed that the Chinese Taipei player had illegally added 2 extra sensors to the heal of her socks.”
-Until now, I haven’t seen any evidence showing she was not wearing those sensors when the fight started at 00:00 second. Any youtubes ?


-From the same page above I quote:
“Therefore the WTF Technical Delegate from China and the CSB members from Iran, Singapore, Philippines and Korea along with ATU President, WTF Secretary General, ATU Secretary General and the Chairman of the Referee Committee as observers then quickly held a meeting to make an evaluation of the evidence and the protest...“

IT WAS A COLLECTIVE DECISION MADE BY MANY! Korea and China r not almighty!


-Seems like with those old socks, it would be easier to score points than with the new ones.
This were the only socks she would wear during the whole game. She may not need to cheat few extra points when her opponent is weak.
But what if she made it into the final and her (chinese?) opponent is as strong as her?
When the (chinese) opponent wears the new socks, and she wears the old ones, when the race is so tight that 1 or 2 points more means gold or not gold, would you still think she wouldn’t want to have shoes enables her to get those few extra cheap points?

-Besides, she claimed her feet are too small to fit into the newer ones. But they knew since July that new socks have been introduced. If her feet are so special, and she is an experienced athlete, why did she wait until the last second before the asia game to get the socks?
Its like a swimmer tries to get the right size of swimming goggles 1 day before the start of the Olympics. Its strange.

3.CHINA DON’T WANT TO SEE A TAIWANESE FLAG + China wants your gold medal:
-One of her female teammate got gold at the same day she was disqualified.

4.Chinese opponent was afraid of her:
-Last time I checked, the Chinese lady won 2008 Olympic gold. The Taiwanese got bronze.

Open questions:
-Have there been other athletes wearing old socks? What happend to them?
-Is there an advantage in scoring points when wearing old socks?

As long as there is no clear evidence of innocence , I side with this gentleman:
Ron Marlow: No one has expressed shame or regret for having been caught cheating. Cheating is not rare. It happens here. What isn't different is that the cheaters seem to think they have been wronged by officials when they are caught. Cheating, remaining silent when others cheat, tolerating cheating, not shunning cheaters is all the same.

Anonymous said...

Michael, you're wrong yet again because you are unable to read Chinese news:

1) "The ref was Filipino."
Sort of. He has Filipino citizenship, but he's Korean. There has been too many controversies regarding Korean officiating Taiwanese in Taekwondo to ignore that fact.

2) She hasn't denied cheating? Are you kidding me? She completely has, but she doesn't know which accusation she's defending herself against because it keeps changing.

3) You are totally not being impartial about the cheating. You flat out accepted and accused Yang Shu-jun of cheating even though now you say all your sources are slanted. If you read or listened or watched Mandarin news, you'd know that disregarding the passion, the known facts make it extremely unlikely that she cheated. Did you see those head shots? Those are hand-scored and risky. What's the point if you have extra sensors that should get you easy mid-section points? Did you see how much better she is than her Vietnam opponent? It was like watching an amateur against a pro. Why the hell would she risk cheating in that kind of situation?

Michael Turton said...

Michael, you're wrong yet again because you are unable to read Chinese news:

Actually, I read the Chinese news every day (what on earth makes you think I can't read it???). But I know from long experience that when the local news indulges in displays of tribalism it is completely untrustworthy. Did the WTF clear Yang? No, but that's what the KMT news source reported yesterday night.

You are totally not being impartial about the cheating. You flat out accepted and accused Yang Shu-jun of cheating even though now you say all your sources are slanted.

Nope, I said "From my vantage point" which is quite clear -- at that time, from my angle, all available evidence was consistent with her cheating. Later, when new evidence comes in, I can update my position.

The great thing about not being into this tribalistic shit that you dorks are jumping into like lemmings over a cliff is that when more evidence arrives I can change my mind. Whereas you people are now locked into your primitive tribalistic positions like two neandertals going at it with clubs. What are you going to do if Yang is busted? If the WTF confirms the disqualification was wrong and restores her position, then I don't have a problem. I adjust my position based on the new evidence....

I am sick of this shitty, tribalistic rush to judgment. This affair is completely trivial. It will not affect Taiwan one whit if a single athlete is disqualified, unjustly or not. Why don't you people get this upset over gangsters, the environment, food security, energy policy, or Chinese missiles?

Also, the underlying racism of your position (the ref is korean so clearly he must be wanting to cheat Taiwanese. WTF kind of logic is that?) is so utterly retarded it makes me want to puke to see it on my blog. What next? Going to tell me how black people have bigger schlongs than everyone else? How the Jews own all the banks? How the Irish are lazy? I can't wait to hear your next brilliant analysis of the situation.


Anonymous said...

To the Anon poster to said Michael was wrong.

You should be careful with your words. Mr. Turton has been updating this news and trying to filter out the biases that might be in it, whether from the Korea/China side or the Taiwan side. This is the way it should be. Then all the readers can make their own decisions based on the fact.

However, right now, the main fact that is being ignored is the youtube video of the fight. The fact is that she had no sensors on the heels. This is the #1 fact that should be discussed. Because everything that has to do w/ conspiracy or if she was wrongly DQed, or if it was just an accident, or if it was just a one man operation comes from this lie.

The fact is, the WTF agreed to the judges findings that there were extra sensors on the heel of the Taiwanese athlete. This is why she was DQd. End of story. There was no other reason. So now with this being PROVED WRONG. PROVED to be a lie. Everything has changed.

Now the WTF and China officials and the Asian Games are back tracking back peddling and trying to figure out how to cover their tracks :)

It's funny how no one dares to reply to my comments. Because it's undeniable. It has nothing to do w/ opinion, it has nothing to do w/ how Mr. Turton puts it tribalism.

And the blogger is right in the fact that, this of all things is a small thing. I mean it's ridiculous and we should all feel bad for the athlete, because it's not her fault. What is wrong between two long histories of Taiwan/China/Korea really has nothing to do with this Taiwanese TKD athlete. She is there to win, she is there to compete fairly. There is nothing wrong with that.

And to the Mr. Turton as well, stay level headed :) There are a lot of idiots out there, we just gotta talk some sense. Sense wins out in the end I believe.


jerome in vals said...

"I am sick of this shitty, tribalistic rush to judgment. ... Why don't you people get this upset over gangsters, the environment, food security, energy policy, or Chinese missiles?"



Dixteel said...


You might be right that some people jump to conclusion too fast, especially those who accuse Korean right away, which I don't see their point. However, you don't have to be too harsh to those who feel angry. Yes, perhaps it's tribalism, but Taiwan is not that huge geographically, what's so wrong about some tribal feeling? People are not robots that can just analyze, when something like this happens. I myself wait a day and later watch the video twice, with reports of what the officials said, to arrive at the conclusion that something is seriously fishy, but I do feel pissed after watching the video.

As for the missiles, environment etc...those things you have to be level headed. The situation needs to be analyze to see if there are counter measures. But indeed, Taiwanese need to pay more attention for sure, and some pan blue media always tries to downpaly this. But they are not something you feel angry all the time. Missiles, for example, you know China's intend to annex Taiwan, so naturally, they want to threaten and attack. The problem is then what can Taiwan do to counter this.

Michael Turton said...

Why don't you note that "from my vantage point" was not in your original blog post?

It certainly was there, asshole. Ive deleted your hopelessly stupid comment.

Michael Turton said...

People are not robots that can just analyze, when something like this happens. I myself wait a day and later watch the video twice, with reports of what the officials said, to arrive at the conclusion that something is seriously fishy, but I do feel pissed after watching the video.

Dix, you don't have to be a robot to wait. Also, the video, which I've watch many times, contains no information on key items presented in the media -- for example, the claim that the manufacturer's rep wanted the ref to stop the match because he noticed something wrong.

More information is needed. Something is very very fishy.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering has anybody seen the full video footage before making any comments? You can view the full footage on Youtube (

There is a mis-directed anger towards Koreans because of the WTF council member Mr. Jin Suk YANG's involvement in a referee decision. During sports events, council members are not supposed to direct a referee. Its like the director of the NBA telling a ref what to do during a game.

Dixteel said...

Hi Michael,

I would say it's good that you and some other people can keep a cool head to gather more intel etc.

But my point is that it's not abnormal for Taiwanese to feel angry at this. Note that this is not about winning or losing, but a urge for fair treatment. It's also not about "oh, maybe the referee misjudge a point," but a extremely high likelihood that Yang is setup.

The only thing that I think is totally unreasonable is some people's immidiate jump toward South Korea and some people's attempt to direct public anger toward the nation of South Korea when it is not involved in this incident.

More info is needed, but judging by the current evidence I think 趙磊 is the key to this whole thing. Anyway I await your conclusion later as well.

Anonymous said...

It's not unusual that people are getting worked up over this. After all, that's just how sports work. Why else would people cheer and feel good because some person, somewhere, beat some other person in a contest?

Contests like these are the exact modern equivalent of sending champions out from one's tribe to do battle with some distant foe.

And when it comes to these abstract battles, sports is the only battlefield where Taiwan has any chance of even being equal, or even superior.

Anonymous said...

I think Taiwanese and WTF have different definition of cheating, that’s why Taiwanese think they were wronged.

1.The socks:
-The difference between the new socks and old ones is that the old ones have an extra sensor attached at the heels.
-Please look at this YouTube link:
-It’s a video showing 亞洲跆拳道錦標賽2008. Yang was wearing the new type of socks. Therefore I have to strongly assume that she knew the difference between the new socks and the old ones. But she still puts on the extra sensor saying she didn’t know anything.
2.What is cheating?
-She wore the modified old socks and went on in the prematch. Neither she nor her coach told anybody that she put on an extra sensor. They kept silent all the way and only after the engineer discover it, they put them away. And that it CHEATING, very chinese way of unintended- intended cheating.
-明知道有問題, 不說, 他们在裝傻, 取巧, 以為別人不會發現。人家發現了後,淡定的繼續裝傻.
-The WTF accused her of cheating because she didn’t tell anyone about the extra sensors. Why didn’t she or the coach say anything to the judges beforehand? It doesn’t’t matter that it was in the prematch. What matter is that she kept silent until the discovery.

-Its like when you take part in an exam, the teacher discover that you brought cheating material with you before the actual exam started. WTF thought it is enough to disqualify, even if you didn’t took part in the exam, it’s the intention of cheating that counts.
The Taiwanese think that it’s only cheating when they catch you cheating during the exam.

3.Why does she need extra sensor when her opponent is weak?
-If WTF didn’t discover it and she would have this 0, 1% advantage over her opponent.
What if she made it into the final and her (chinese?) opponent is as strong as her?
When the race is so tight that 1 or 2 points more means gold or not gold, would you still think she wouldn’t want to have extra sensors enables her to get those few extra cheap points? When having an opponent as strong as yourself, it’s this 0, 1% advantage over your opponent that makes the difference between gold and silver.

4. Korean + Chinese conspiracy. It’s all about me me me.
-The WTF do have the reputation of unfair cheatings. But in all cases, Korean athletes were involved. No Korean athletes took part in this part of Asia game. Why should WTF even try to cheat?
- During this Asia game, the same WTF also disqualified chinese taekwondo athletes and others. They just followed their own rules. It’s simple as that. WTF is a commercial, not political organization; it does not represent Korea or any of its governing body. The whole anti-Korean thing in Taiwan smells like racial hatred in its worst form and really childish.
-China is just the host of the games. It does not have any influence over judges or organizations of any kind. It just shows that Taiwan is getting more and more hysterical and paranoid with anything chinese.

5. If you followed the WTF, ,
They start to discuss the problem after the discovery. WTF let her into the match because WTF, at that time, couldn’t immediately decide what they want to do with her. They had to hold a meeting first. As long as the referee didn’t know what will happen with her, she can go into the match. They have a time schedule to follow.

Its unfortunate that Taiwan politicize a simply sport event, unfair judgement happens in every international games. But so far, Taiwan is the only country where even the president start to interfere and all kinds of nasty insulation and racial hatred surface under the cover of “freedom of speech”.

Anonymous said...

Most Koreans don't consier Taiwan as their competitor. In fact, most of Koreans are either indifferent or unaware of Taiwan. I don't even know why the Taiwanese people are directing the anger at Korea. Ugh.

Taiwan Echo said...

In this event, which country to blame depends on media of which side (blue or green) you read.

The green side (news report + netters) follow the evidence and tell you the truth (that China is definitely involved, and Korean might be but most probably not);

ALL pro-China media (udn, Chinatimes, even Nownews...) overwhelmingly denied any involvement of China. They ignore the evidence, took the words of China side without questioning. Some even took a step further to add juice on it, making it look like a story telling. The entire anti-Korea craze is created by those media.

And that craze was after they tried to pin the fault on Yang but failed.

Its effect is amazing. Among my pro-blue friends, some believe Yang definitely cheated. Those who don't, believe Korea is behind the setup.

So, pick your country, guys. It's easy. Just pick a side, and you got what you want.

Taiwan Echo said...

Dixteel:You know who 趙磊 is, anon? Could it be that he see Yang perform well against the Vietnamness opponent and suddenly decide to play safe? Or maybe he does want to create an international incident. What do they have to loss?

It's all over the news/blog/forum on the green side: 趙磊 is the coach of China player, Wu Jing-yu (吳靜鈺). Wu and Yang had fought about 10 times before in international competitions, and splitting the wins. I don't know who won more, but Yang is the only player in that competition who can beat Wu.

Not only so. The relationship between 趙磊 and 吳靜鈺 seems to be more than just ordinary coach and student. It's reported in China media that 趙磊 had covered 吳靜鈺's ass several times before, including kicking out another qualified player to open up a spot in China's competition team in order to take 吳 who was originally disqualified.

Some claimed that 趙磊 in fact took 吳靜鈺 as his gf. But there is noway to be verified.

The scary thing is, if you read only the blue media, you will never see the name 趙磊, 'cos those media removed anything about him.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with Michael more over this approach -- not to jump the gun, wait for evidence, and make judgement based on evidence. We have been fooled, played, misled, and burned..., you name it, by ROC's so-called media for so many years.

I don't know how other people judge over this issue - just follow whatever media say or use their own sound judgement? I am not familiar with this sport either. But on the very first day this issue came up, after I watched one of the clips on YouTube(I don't remember which one, but I do recall the clip runs, at least, from pre-match inspection to the moment Yang sitting on the floor weeping.), I found the whole disqualification stuff makes no sense to me.

As I mentioned before, since the match is so lopsided, why would one contestant with so much edge over the other one want or need to cheat to gain advantage? Unless she had on idea whom she was about to compete with. But we can easily rule it out, right? So, to me, on no ground and in no need does Yang want to cheat. My only concern then was whether this video clip was doctored. (That's why I turned to this Blog. I never doubt Micheal's efforts and commitment to Taiwan.)

Anonymous said...


Well, one might come up with more theories of why she cheats. One might think Yang faked the tears as well. But the whole thing just doesn't look right to me, this time. Again, the only risk, to me, is the clip's authenticity. Besides, disqualifying a contestant is a really serious matter. Let alone accusing someone cheating. So, the referee or the officials should give out a very clear explaination, and the accused should be entitled to a chance to defend himself before the sentence or punishment is handed down. But, in the video clip, I saw nothing.

Aside that Taiwan's media was not allowed to ask questions and any questions popped out by Taiwan's media was ordered not to be translated in the post-incident press conference, when asked about the disqualification issue and demanded an explaination, all the committee or the officials(Whatever it is. I don't even bother remembering the acronyms. Pardon me here.) could mustered was just "can't comment on that due to 'privacy issue'(something like that. didn't bother to look it up. pardon me again here.). What "privacy issue"? Whose "privacy issue"? Yang's? or someone else's? Could it be any more suspicious?

That's how I "jumped the gun" and thought Yang was manhandled, without waiting or looking for more evidence. It's just me.

Anonymous said...


To be honest with you, I was a bit shocked when coming here and seeing Michael's "From my vantage point it is hard to call this as anything other than busted cheating." I kicked myself and shouted to myself: you idiot just jumped the gun, after all these years?

Assuming the "tribalism" disccused here means "loyal to your own people without using sound judgement", maybe there is "good" "tribalism" here in Taiwan because maybe some people "loyal to Taiwan" happen to be very cautious or as cautious as Michael.

I can't help thinking over this issue: If everyone waited, this time, for 3 or more days to express themselves, or if there was no rush anger or outburst from Taiwan, or if the voting date was not approaching, would there be any pressure on China? Would the whole development be the same? Would the Chinese officials change the tone? Would the "Shocking act of deception by Chinese Taipei...blah blah blah" be removed from that Website? Would they even care? Would they even bother?

Maybe we've just got lucky this time.

Just my personal opinion.

I appreciate Michael and everyone's efforts.

Lunzi said...

so it turns out to be A Shocking Act of Deception by ATU & WTF.

is it a single case?
No. it happens all the time.

will it get better?
I doubt it.

Taekwondo community has been regarded by several countries as their poverty.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please click on the web site:

The top photo, taken during testing kicks shows the sensor was on her heel. The referee asked her to take them off and she did. So he allows the fight to start. The bottom photo, taken during the bout, clear shows that the sensor was no longer there. If it's illegal, why they allow the fight to start and then disqualified her only 12 second toward the end while she was winning 9 to 0? Taekwondo is more than just martial art. It teaches you honor, dignity and respect as well. The behavior of both ATU and WTF do not show any respect to the sport they advocate, IMHO. Thanks.

Dixteel said...

Interestingly, some mob burned the Korean flags a few days ago, but I am still waiting for them to burn the Chinese flags. And how come no one calls for boycotting Chinese products? Isn't that weird....

Anonymous said...

These are the officials that were involved in that match, which shows no Korean involvement.

Referee: FERNANDEZ Stephen Estanislao from Philippines

Three judges:
Guo Li from China:
ALFADHEL Faraj from Kuwait:
ABDUJABOROV Jamshed from Tajikistan:

Now can we please stop with this unfounded rumors by Taiwan televisions and newspapers that the ref was a Korean-Filipino, and that Koreans are behind Taiwan not getting a gold medal?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, there is no excuse burning other country's flag. I don't support that at all. Secondly, to answer your point (and the possible reason why they point arrow toward Korea, which is, again, not right) -- The FERNANDEZ Stephen Estanislao guy happens to be a Filipino with Korean descendant. His name is also 洪性天 OR 홍성천. Besides both president of ATU and WTK are Korean. Both organizations' act are questionable; especially the former who not only did not admit their mistake but also carried an accusing article in their official web site, an insult hard for us to "swallow." Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

a passing-by korean
@Anonimous Taiwanese
You are right
there are some Koreans at the top positions of the Taekwondo organizations.
Is it enough to get angry at Koreans?
you have freedom to choose to boycott Korean products and burn the South Korean flag in your country.
but do you have to go and throw eggs to school? if you need to do so, pick some other Korean building instead of the school where kids go!

Anonymous said...

I love the CONTINUED IGNORANCE of posters not starting with the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM, not the multiple effects.

THE FACT IS, there was no sensor, she should not have been DQed. FACT. DONE. FINISHED. Get it?

Now, should all Koreans be blamed? Of course not.

But is the REF of Korean decent? YES, DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH. He is from the Philippines, but he is of Korean decent, that's why people are pissed at that Korean. Get it? He is not just Philippino. For god sake, do some reading.

NEXT, who finally made the DQ decisions? The head, which is Korean. Based on what fact? Based on the fact that she had illegal sensors, how did they come to this conclusion? By mere BULL SHIT.

That is why people are upset. That is why people see a conspiracy. It is because, it seems like for WHATEVER REASON, the TKD people running this Asian tournament which is Korea/China wanted to get rid of this Taiwanese athlete because she was a threat.

Stick with the facts people. Stick with the cause. The cause is that the Taiwanese was unjustly taken advantage of, for WHATEVER REASON.

So those who are still trying to make up excuses for her being DQd like, why don't people blame China. Who the FUCK cares. Why did she get DQd for no reason? That is the problem.

Again, do your FUCKING research. Not going to be polite anymore about this.



Anonymous said...

Just for a disqualification that was in all totality the athletes fault, the whole nation is rallying behind her. Patriotic? Sure. People got nothing better to do? Hell yeah.

Before going to any competition, a player must know what equipment is legal and illegal. She can't keep playing the dumb card. That's plain stupid. She should know the rules like its the back of her hand. The referees called out what they saw as what had to be done at the moment. Those referees are equally educated (probably more than any of us combined) and had to do what had to be done. If they didn't do that, they would receive rampant acts of illegal socks during the entire games.

She should just accept her fate and move on. And its a lesson learned for all the Taekwondo jins. Know how to use the RIGHT equipment! Don't let others do the thinking for you.


Anonymous said...!/pages/Enough-Proves-Give-Back-Yang-Shu-Chun-Her-Legal-Sensors/167859273245787

Anonymous said...

Feeling competitive and emotional is one thing, but to stir up hatred and animosity is another. Burning flags and boycotting S.Korean things? Really? Seriously? So you're cutting ties with S. Korea for a sports match? Who's next and what's next? Have you thought about who is is instigating all this and hyping this up? Someone is definitely laughing all the way to the bank with this one. Think about it!