Sunday, September 19, 2010

Feelgood for Sunday

Got two tales for ya. First, enjoy this uplifting story about Taiwanese golf sensation Yani Tseng, who, when offered a US$25 million sponsorship from a PRC businessman, refused because she'd have to change her citizenship.

The second is this tale packed with facts and pictures, of the wreck of the SS President Hoover off Green Island in 1937. President Hoover, the largest liner built in the US when it was launched in 1931, had just got done being mistakenly bombed in China by the Nationalist Air Force. On its way to the Philippines from Kobe, it hit a reef off Green Island... and the rest was history, as they say.

And one more Feelgood, totally without a Taiwan connection: how MLK persuaded NN to remain on ST:TOS as Lt. U. Totally will bring tears to your eyes.

Enjoy! Hope Typhoon Fanapi was as big a dud for you all as it was for those of us in central Taiwan; I had a pleasant bike ride in the cool, dark afternoon weather.
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Readin said...

The golf story reminds me of Chariots of Fire where an Australian runner refuses to represent England, pointing out that his ancestor's grave was marked POME (Prisoner of Mother England). Of course this story has even more drama; the runner wasn't offered 20 million dollars and England wasn't trying to re-annex an independent Austalia. It would be nice to see U.S. newspapers have the god sense to recognize a good story and make a big deal out of it. it would certainly help generate interest in their golf news.

Readin said...

Re MLK story. WOW! So worth reading!

Richard said...

The golf news is good timing, as Yani just won a tournament last week. And according to some articles, she's overtaken Michelle Wie in rankings, who's arguably the face of Asian golfing (for females and maybe even males).

Sage said...

Interesting article regarding the SS Hoover.

I'm sure you've read about the Nat. Air Force mistakenly bombing Shanghai and killing hundreds of civilians while attempting to hit Japanese ships in the river.

Little wonder they lost China, the Chinese were as worried about their own Air Forces bombs, as much as they were the Japanese invaders.

"We've met the enemy and it is us."

Anonymous said...

Fanapi gave us a good soaking in Kaohsiung - 600 mm of rain in 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

"We've met the enemy and it is us."

Yah, General Claire Chennault. Yawn...