Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Links, Sept 27, 2010

The owner left because he wanted to throw stones. Meanwhile, what's being slung around on the blogs today?

MOURNING: Cyclist Jure Robic, quite possibly the greatest ultraendurance athlete in any sport, was killed in an automobile accident this week.

GAMES: Two games made computer gaming in the days of its callow youth, Master of Orion and Civilization. Civ 5 is now out. 19 years have gone by since I first fired up MS-DOS to play Civ. Damn I'm old.....

ADDED: Ice Lollipop (popsicle) Eating Competition in K-town this Thursday:

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Anonymous said...

Michael, do you have the latest
news ( via your CIA connection) about the ongoing standoff between the 2 small tonnage (500 T?) PRC Fishery vessels and 8 medium tonnage (5000T)Japanese Coast Guard ships near Diauyu Islands now?

Could this led to another Usurri-type incident?

Why the news blackout?


Hall Houston said...

Hey Michael, thanks for the link. Actually, I keep a much longer list over at the Forumosa website under the Teaching English in Taiwan section:

I hope your fall semester is going well!

Sage said...

Will today's headline in the Taipei Times ... get the attention of Taiwanese?

"Chinese security chief's visit kept secret"

Michael Turton said...

Nope, don't have any news on that.

Michael Turton said...

Sage, i think the Taiwanese are slowing awakening.

Sage said...

Let's certainly hope so Michael. I was out of town during the DPP rally, understand there was a fairly good turn out and positive atmosphere.

Read an article today that Taiwan university students are becoming concerned about job competition from Chinese, duh ... something needs to get their attention.

Students can be one of the most effective groups to voice their concern and/or opposition to these clandestine meetings.

You would think that "Secret" security meetings would be enough to alarm all the people into taking action.

This can not be allowed to happen in a democracy. The KMT must be held accountable and not shrug these meetings off as if they were of no consequence.

Anonymous said...

Michael Turton said...
Sage, i think the Taiwanese are slowing awakening.

1:26 PM

Now aware of probably 2 things:

1. Better talk with a giant neighbor.

2. USA will never give diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.