Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Remember: Election Signage

Another month, another pile of political posters. Here a sign for Jason Hu, mayor of Taichung, displays his slogan: Taichung goes Global.

In some places the number of signs is overwhelming.

Tsai Ing-wen on a sign -- she's common everywhere.

It seems that this year more candidates are showing up on posters with spouses and children.

The sign is bigger than the building.

A trio of DPP candidates.

Overpowering a Taichung intersection.

Overpowering another Taichung intersection.

This is one of a tiny handful of signs I have seen with Ma's picture on it.

Begging for votes.


At election time this signboard near a major intersection in Changhua is always covered with election posters.

A candidate peers from behind a building in Tanzi.

No hands. Not appealing.

The female candidate looking all cute and holding the heart is in the midst of a brutal divorce/custody battle that has created lots of salacious scandal news.

A small sign adorns apartments in northern Taipei.

DPP candidates dominate a signboard outside of Shihgang in Taichung county.

Near the Shipai metro stop in Taipei City.

Lots of biking this year.

Another cyclist candidate. No gloves? I'm taking style points off for that....

Cycling seems to a be a thing for urban candidates; here in agricultural Hsinshe the candidate appears in a more traditional pose.

A candidate from the other side of the tracks.

Local candidate and mayoral candidate.
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