Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm way overworked and need a few days off. Back online on Sunday. Comments won't be posted til then. Many thanks!
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Islander said...

I read your blog everyday. Awesome work. I look forward to your new blog on Sunday.

jerome in vals said...

ChinAfrika links galore:

China Summons Past to Advance Into Africa

“Irked by accusations that it is the new coloniser of Africa, China is looking to use soft power and historical evidence of its ancient links to the continent to justify its economic embrace.”

Chinese Trawlers – Illegal Fishing along the coast of Cameroon – No controls

“Cameroon got its name from the Portuguese who, upon arriving on the coast in the 1400s, found seafood in such abundance they decided to call the main estuary Rio dos Camaroes, or River of Prawns. Yet today the people of Cameroon import most of the seafood they consume, while local fishermen are going out of business.”

“Chinese fishermen along the coast of Limbe in Cameroon who have been using twin trawlers to fish have defied a ban by the government. The Cameroon government's ability to protect its waters is being tested by the Chinese. It is worth noting that these Chinese have been fishing in Cameroon coastal waters without a license for close to 20 years.”

"The Chinese have a cooperation agreement with Cameroon which allows Chinese fishing trawlers to pretty well fish how they like, …. the trawlers use huge nets that sweep up everything in their path."

And the focus here is on just Cameroon!...

Hans said...

Take care Michael. Hope you rejuvenate and refresh soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't come back. We don't need you back in Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

Add: Tea bubble brews in China

J. said...

Anonymous (1.26) said...
"Don't come back. We don't need you back in Taiwan"

Anonymous 1.26, don't stay in Taiwan; emigrate to China.
We don't need you or the likes of you here either.

Real native Taiwanese.

jerome in vals said...

@the are taqi taqi minkuk suan self-tagged “native126pm”

Beat it, G-O-D-D-A-M-M-I-T!!

To Michel, have a look at the pack of foul-snouted minkuk mongrels one has to contend with when, like you or Michael Richardson of "Taiwan Policy Examiner" fame, one professes a genuine interest in Formosa’s interim purgatory.

On the second of Nicholas Kristof's articles, I even caught one lifting your comment to correct your “erroneous” views on the legal status of Taiwan and base his contention that Taiwan was ROC territory on the Treaty of Taipei of 19….fifty four?!! No less