Sunday, September 12, 2010

Musings on Sunday

The NFL starts again in four hours. This means that my Browns are due for another shellacking through the first ten games, followed by big victories after their season is effectively over. Because this is what it means to be a Browns fan.

Anyone catch the little incident with popular mayor Jason Hu of Taichung this week? I didn't see it in the English media. It seems the city had appealed the verdict in a lawsuit about a molestation case. A teacher had been convicted of serial molestation, the parents sued the city government in charge of the schools, and won their case. Rather than pay out, the city had appealed hoping to stall the eventual payment. The parents went to the mayor to complain, who told them loudly and publicly: bu yau tsai nao! Which is to say "Kwitcherbitchin!" -- "Stop whining, complaining." Lotta other things he could have said. Not good publicity for the mayor.

I don't think the implications of the South China Sea claims by China for Taiwan have really sunk in yet. Basically, after years of bilateral and multilateral negotiations, frameworks for discussion, public announcements, meetings, etc, China told everyone Hulk Smash!! We're taking what we want, deal with it. This should dash the last hopes that China is going to move smoothly into the international system among those who are not making money with lucrative consulting fees working in China. But somehow I feel it won't; their experience with Japan spoiled our policymakers. But more importantly it suggests that whatever agreements Taiwan or the US make with China over their drive to annex Taiwan, in the end it doesn't matter: Hulk Smash!! Can anyone say "17 Point Agreement?"

Yes! three hours to FOOTBALL!
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Anonymous said...

And your new hot shot rookie RB blew out his ACL in the pre-season, good times!

Michael Turton said...

He sucked anyway. Waaay overrated. How do I know that? The Browns brain trust picked him. It's like the opposite of whatever a seal of approval is: if you are a skill player picked high by the Browns it means that you will immediately be injured and then suck anyway. Here's their list of first rounders:

Of them only Alex Mack and Joe Thomas are excellent players. Most have already either been released or traded.

les said...

I do hope that "I'm untouchable" attitude of the poison dwarf's comes back to bite him in the ass in November. The look on the little shit's face as he concedes defeat would be priceless.

P. Hsu said...

Dunno what was more fun to read, the blog or the comments.

Excited football is finally under way! Can you actually watch in TW this year?

Is it better to wait until everyone has given up to deliver great games, or to overpromise and not deliver? Season opener for the Chargers was @_@, catching it via the radio wasn't much better. Although, how can anyone expect a team who practices in sunny San Diego and AZ to play in RAIN??