Monday, October 05, 2015

HUGE BREAKING: Hung to be pulled in favor of Chu

A woman works with a fishing net on a river in Miaoli.

This week the saga of KMT Presidential Candidate Hung Hsiu-chu took another surreal turn. As the weekend began there were many reports that KMT insiders were putting enormous pressure on the party to get rid of current presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu, who is destroying party support at the local level. WantWant offered some thoughts on the KMT's implosion today.

The day began with a Liberty Times story that said Hung was done and KMT Chairman Eric Chu would replace her. Denials flowed. But then UDN later reported that there is going to be a Party Congress the 17th or 24th at which the charter would be amended, her nomination repealed, and Chu selected as the candidate. See Solidarity for the full report in translation, FocusTaiwan alludes to the problems in English, Apple Daily in Chinese. As I write Apple is reporting Chu's words: "I am willing to shoulder the burden."

Well, things are about to get very interesting, including legal challenges, court interpretations of election laws (will Chu have to give up New Taipei City, and if so, when?), perhaps a by-election in New Taipei City, and some bloodletting at the top of the KMT. If Chu runs, it will mean that President Ma Ying-jeou's power is diminished -- Hung was his anointed candidate and a signal of the ascendancy of the die-hard bitter end KMTers. The fury at Ma within the KMT runs deep, which may help Chu overcome Ma. But Hau waits in the wings for when Chu fails to get elected and has to step down as Chairman. Remember that when Chu loses, Ma will still be President. He will then attempt to recoup his power within the KMT. New Year promises renewed struggle within the KMT.

New Bloom has an article on Hung's rise and fall. I shall miss her terribly. Her continued candidacy would have been so good for Taiwan....

UPDATE: Hung ripped the Party on Facebook.
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Jerome Besson said...

As a ghost fades away, another gives it a whirl.
Manchurian cluster fuck in Chinese T… pot.

Anonymous said...

Everyone could see well in advance that Hung was a disaster, but the KMTards just let it happen. Now they have to deal with the bitch.

Another point, Hung keeps saying "party unity..the party is the most important issue...blah..blah blah", but she refuses to give up. I postulated many articles ago that she was in it for the money and now it looks like this is it. She will probably get some kickback from the 'tards to shut her trap and walk away. Maybe get the funds that Chu gets for each vote?

les said...

Oh boy...

Says a lot about party unity when the candidate goes to a meeting with the party elders with a voice recorder in her pocket eh?

Anonymous said...

This is the end for KMT. Not with a bang but with a whimper. The power structure that it setups no longer work. KMT will not be able to recover from this. Chiang Kai-shek resurrected the KMT zombie when he retreated to Taiwan. It is time to put it to rest. The long night is coming to the end.