Sunday, March 08, 2015

Blast from the Past: Byoritsu oil refinery, Miaoli, 26 May, 1945

Wiki says:
Scope and content: Spectacular crash at Byoritsu oil refinery, Formosa, was photographed by a B-25 of the 5th Air Force's 345th Bomb Group on 26 May 1945. Just as it released its string of parafrags B-25 NO. 192 was hit by flak from a camouflaged battery and trails smoke. A gaping hole is visible on the piolot's side.

General notes: The aircraft visible is the North American B-25J-10-NC Mitchell (s/n 43-36192) "Jaunty Jo". Crew : 2/Lt Robert J. Knauf Pilot, 2/Lt Martin H. Mulner Jr. Co-Pilot, 1/Lt Lloyd E. Bodell Navigator, Cpl Harold O. Montville Eng/Gunner, Sgt Tennyson C. Harrell Radio/Gunner.
Taiwan Airpower Blog has the background and story, along with more photos of the crash, and then and now photos.
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