Saturday, March 07, 2015

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Stopping for a chat in Hualien

A few links to keep you busy today...
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NONE said...

I think the road was originally a trail to collect forestry products and trade between other indigenous villages. My hunch is that after the lower villagers transitioned from "barbarian" into Han, the meaning of the road changed to reflect the latter concept of "山地人" occupying locations in the Han mind that are both far away and high up. The road would be reimagined as going "far" and "up, away from the "civilized" world below-- the Han world-- to rough lands of rough people. The road went from "our road" to "their road" without Han settlers even moving into town.

Just a hunch.

Tommy said...

Shambaugh is right IMO. It may take a few years, but the current course of the CPC is not a good one. How Xi believes that Chinese officials or the Chinese economy will go anywhere with his anti-corruption and anti-rights campaigns is beyond me. It is a way to simultaneously kill off the regional innovation that was key to growth over the past three decades and to kill off any incentives for anyone to think/build/design anything new. It is as though Xi really believes he can change everyone through mass campaigns, as if anyone outside of the more ambitious within the CPC cared for any of that anymore.