Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday links....


Enjoy a few links:
  • Lorand Laskai in The Diplomat on Taiwan's love for Japan. Good stuff. The rage of the 50 center brigade in the comments is hilarious.
  • Natalie Tso at RTI interviews Mark Kao, President of FAPA, on US and Taiwan
  • FocusTaiwan on the KMT's proposal for absentee ballots and lowering the voting age. If the Taiwan businessmen in China can vote absentee. the likely vote for the KMT will more than offset the gains to the DPP from the youth vote, which will likely be split among the non-KMT pro-Taiwan parties. At the local level, many young people will not know the candidates, especially for the local precinct and township positions -- they will take instruction from their parents. And the KMT is still strong at that level. Never mind that the actual mechanics of absentee voting remain to be worked out. 
  • In ten days KMT automatically loses appeal in Wang Jin-pyng case.
  • Ma says Taiwan should take part in AIIB, China's new development bank.
  • HSR introduces new financing plan, some tix prices to drop.
  • Taiwan Insider out
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to The Diplomat article. I read both the article and all the comments it generated. Sad and funny at the same time. Funny in the ways in which Chinese/ KMT apologists bend over backwards to obfuscate and downright lie in order to promote their brainwashed views. Furthermore, CCP must employ better debators because all of their hacks who commented on the article used some quite amateurish arguments. A junior high debating team member would win against those idiot products of CCP brainwashing education.

The more these crazy pro-China/ pro-KMT stooges talk, the more they turn off even the most moderate of Taiwanese citizens. Equating speaking Chinese to being Chinese, or using broadly defined, racial characteristics as proof that one is Chinese and thus should be working together towards Chinese superiority. I mean, who thinks and writes this way? Only crazy Chinese trolls, I used to think. But having talked to a Shanghai-born physician colleague of mine, she basically agreed with the same mindset. I did however manage to shut her up when I said "Mexicans speak Spanish but they are not Spanish culturally or in nationality." I swear some of these so-called educated Chinese professionals in the US are just as ignorant and brainwashed.


Anonymous said...

The chances the PRC would tamper with mail-in votes so blue ones would be delivered and green ones "lost" are what, 100%?