Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Then and Now: the old Japanese Coast Road

I was trawling around the East Asia Image Collection again today, the Taiwan Photographic Monthly, and found this image of the old Japanese coast road. I stopped for a moment, thinking... I've seen this spot.

Sure enough, back in March of this year I came down for a weekend of riding on the rift valley and the coast and got a shot of my man Drew Kerslake riding the old Japanese coast road. The old Japanese coast road is now the Baonon bike path on the coast in Chenggong township (it is designated the Dong 19). It's a slightly different angle, and the rock has fallen/been bashed into a smaller piece, but it's the same spot (Google maps Streetview).

This will give you some idea of what the first Japanese drivers on this road must have seen.
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